Dressing Room

The room looks so fresh. It’s like a new canvas ready to be brought to life!

Our latest project! We accomplished a lot during our three day weekend. This is what we have done so far!

The plan: Put up plank walls on the side were the vanity will go and the wall by the doorway.

First, we put up tar paper for extra sound barrier and insulation. We ripped 1/2 inch plywood into 5 inch planks. We could of used 3/8 inch plywood, but since the wall is an exterior wall we wanted extra insulation, which in our home we lack. Then we sanded the edges to smooth them a little. Dale used the nail gun to put the planks on the wall and I used the meter saw to cut the planks to their proper size. It helps when you have two people working together, it makes the job much easier. My husband also put up new trim around the entry doorway. It took us two days to finish the walls. The third day, I sanded the plank walls and primed and painted.

DSC_0319 (2) DSC_0323 (2)

DSC_0348 (2)

DSC_0346 (2) DSC_0351 (2)

DSC_0361 (2)

DSC_0368 (2)

Dale made a template to mark the place for the updated electrical box .

Pennies were used for spacers.

DSC_0365 (2) DSC_0362 (2)

DSC_0378 (2) DSC_0375 (2) DSC_0376 (2)

After primed and painted.

DSC_0392 (2) DSC_0393 (2) DSC_0394 (3) DSC_0398 (2)

DSC_0399 (2)

The room looks so fresh. It’s like a new canvas ready to be brought to life!

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DSC_0553 (3)

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. (Jane Austen)

Painted House

A few years into our renovation, we couldn’t help but notice the outside of our home. Not very appealing, after all the house is 28 years old! The original color at one time was probably pretty nice but since has faded to a grayish looking color. My husband and I would cringe driving up our driveway. “Poor girl she just needs a facelift.”

Dale suggested we should go ahead and have the house painted. He notified me, that it would be several years before we could replace the siding. (Hmm) You see in my world, I thought we would be done renovating by now! Once my husband informed me, reality set in.

We had to ask ourselves do we want to spend the money. Can we live with the way it looks for several years. We both agreed to have it painted. I am so glad we did! We hired a painter and he got the job done. We do sometimes get help, but not very often! The outside of our home looks much better now and we don’t cringe anymore driving up our driveway.

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need. (Sarah Ban Breathnach)

Before pictures

DSC_0050 (2)
Phillips Place


DSC_0058 (2)


DSC_0063 (2)


base boards trim 2nd part 018 (2)

DSC_0410 (2)

DSC_0404 (3)

DSC_0408 (3)


We painted the exterior with Behr Ultra PP, Satin, color Gallery Taupe

After we replaced the shutters.

 DSC_0403 (2)

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Front and Back Exterior Doors

Originally the exterior doors were smaller than a standard size door, which is common for a mobile home. They were pretty flimsy and needed to be replaced.


Front and back

DSC_0080 (2) DSC_0072

My husband is the kind of guy if he is going to fix something, then he is going to do the job right! Dale purchased standard size steel doors. Thirty two inches for the back and thirty six inches for the front.

re modeling 112010 024 (2) re modeling 112010 020

After my husband installed the doors, I had a bright idea! I suggested that maybe he could put wider trim around the doors and he thought that was a good idea too! Not only did Dale place wider trim, he added crown molding on top, which gave it a more custom look. I am not sure the proper name for the trim above, but if you know please let me know.

Because our home is small, I wanted the doorways to look grand. I think going with the standard size and adding the wider trim gives our place a more welcoming appeal.

A very dear friend of mine once told me, “It doesn’t matter where you live, your home is what you make it.” I’ve always remembered that statement and I believe she is right!


base boards trim 2nd part 013 (2) base boards trim 2nd part 009 (2)

Inside back door, you can also see the new floors.

re modeling 112010 039

Inside front door

re modeling 112010 038

Inside finished front door.


After new front door installed.

base boards trim 2nd part 013

Bathroom Storage

Our home has 1064 sq. feet of living space but lacks storage. The main bathroom is a small one! It originally had a pedestal sink and a small medicine cabinet above the sink. We removed the pedestal sink and replaced it with a vanity for extra storage. Dale also made a cabinet to go above the new toilet. Speaking about the toilet, he moved it over about 6 inches so we could have a decent size vanity. He did a wonderful job! Now we have extra storage that we did not have before.

I am happy how it turned out! I like the extra touches that make it feel shabby chic. I love the trim around the window and the ceilings. My husband came up with the trim idea due to some ceiling damage. Creative thinking on his part.

I wanted the bathroom to feel light and airy, so I chose light colors. We painted the walls with Behr’s Silver Tradition. The vanity, cabinet and trim we painted with Behr’s Cream Mist.



DSC_1117 (2)

DSC_1112 (2)

DSC_0263 (2)

DSC_0249 (3)

DSC_0260 (2)

DSC_1137 (2)

Out with the old and in with the new!

re modeling 112010 061

re modeling 112010 025

Once our home was leveled we continue to replace the floors with new 3/4 plywood. We also had water damage to some of the exterior walls, which we replaced with new wood.The handiest tool was using the sawzall! It literally saws through anything! This tool was the best at cutting the old floors out. My husband carried it around like it was his warrior weapon and it was! Out with the old and in with the new!

re modeling 112010 029

re modeling 112010 028

We worked every weekend from dawn till dusk and sometimes way past dusk. It took us approximately five weekends to complete the floors to a small bathroom, hall, living room and kitchen. Three rooms down! More rooms to go!

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Wacky Shack!

DSC_0151 (3)

When we started the renovation of our home, we decided to start with replacing the floors. Soon after my husband thought, before we continue, we probably need to look into getting the house leveled. The home felt like the Wacky Shack at Astroworld! Dale calls a guy, you know the guy! Dale asks him all kinds of questions and the guy was more than happy to answer all of his questions. Before I knew it! Superman said, “I can do it!” WHAT! Was my first response! My second response was, I really think you should hire a professional. I had visions in my head of him being crushed under that spider infested place! With confidence, he said again, “I can do it!”

He did it! All it took was a $30.00 bottle jack, a level and a day’s labor! My husband saved us over $2000.00! Not bad for Do It Yourselfers!