Why Formica? First, inexpensive. Second, easy to install. Third, looks great!


If you can afford granite counter tops then that is the way to go! I love granite but granite was just not in our budget.

Why Formica? First of all, Laminate/Formica is inexpensive. Second, It’s relatively easy to install. Third, laminate looks great! Dale had never worked with Formica before, he learned by watching a YouTube video! It’s wonderful how you can find all kind of DIY projects on the internet.

Tools and supplies needed, contact cement (CC was 50% less at Walmart, then at the popular hardware stores), dowels, roller, and file, trim router and flush trim bit. Tip: make sure to clean the router bit with paint thinner frequently to avoid clue build up.

We purchased the Formica at CabinetMaker Warehouse. They have such a wide selection! We paid $250.00 for the Formica. Supplies we spent roughly $100.00 and another $100.00 on the wood to make the counter tops. Total of $450.00! Verses $3500.00 to install granite counter tops! If your willing to roll up your sleeves and Do It Yourself it will benefit you!

I plan to continue to blog about our kitchen renovation and at the end will give you the grand total. Keep tuning in!

That’s my Superman!

Formica sheet.

DSC_0165 (2)

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Kitchen Island Lights

Taking down the original lights opened up the kitchen and the new lights look great!

Originally the kitchen overhead lights were made of wood slats with a plastic grid inside, very outdated!

For a wedding gift my sister and her family pitched in and gave us the new pot rack lights.

We chose brush chrome pendant lights with frosted glass shades, three altogether. Two of the pendant light are at the end of the kitchen island and the other light is near the kitchen sink.

Special touch: My husband also added a dimmer switch which adds ambience to our kitchen!

Taking down the original lights opened up the kitchen and the new overhead lights look great!

re modeling 112010 043 (2)


2011 holidays 005


DSC_0392 (2)

DSC_0391 (5)

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Christmas at the Phillips Place

No Christmas tree, but I did take the time to put up a little Christmas here and there.

DSC_0718 (2)

I’ve decided not to put up our Christmas tree this year. I have no place to put it! Ha-ha! Our place is a mess right now due to renovating.  Everything is scattered everywhere and If you’ve been through a renovation then you understand what I mean!

I did take the time to put up a little Christmas, here and there.

DSC_0779 (2)

If you look closely you’ll see the little lizard in the picture.

DSC_0801 (2)

DSC_0796 (2)

DSC_0793 (3)

Front Porch.

The cotton you see is from my garden.

DSC_0906 (2)

DSC_0894 (2)

DSC_0909 (2)

DSC_0917 (2)

DSC_0683 (5)

DSC_0694 (2)

DSC_0701 (4)

DSC_0731 (2)

DSC_0726 (4)

We would like to take this time to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Luke 2:10 (ESV) “And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” 

Dressing Room Transformation

We are down to the wire now! The great reveal coming January 2016!

A lot has happened since you have last seen the dressing room! A couple of things I want to point out! First, my husband added a electrical outlet underneath the vanity for my electric toothbrush, which is really nice because it’s hidden and the cord is not on the counter top. Second, Dale used 1 inch electrical conduit for the clothes rods which is half the price then a wooden rod. Plus it’s much stronger!

We are down to the wire now! This is where I will stop showing pictures for now, till we are completely done with the room. The great reveal February 21, 2016. Meanwhile we have lots to share so keep checking back. Enjoy looking at the pictures below and feel free to leave a comment.

Crown Molding has been applied and painted.

Brackets have been installed for the shelves.

Built-in dresser/shoe rack has been painted.

DSC_0555 (2)

Shelves have been painted and installed.

DSC_0579 (2)

DSC_0580 (2)

I think the electrical conduit looks sharp!

Brace installed for the floating dressing table. Ready for the Formica.

Dale is so smart, he installed an electrical plug underneath the vanity for  my electric toothbrush!


Isn’t she pretty? Her name is Calacatta Marble. Purchased at Cabinetmaker Warehouse.

DSC_0620 (2)

Formica has been installed.


DSC_0649 (2)

The black spotlights have to go!

DSC_0618 (2)

Dale installed Swivel Recessed Lights (Utilitech). Purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement

DSC_0769 (2)


DSC_0771 (2)

Color of the built-ins, Glidden in Silver Swordplay and walls, Behr eggshell Pure White

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Kitchen Backsplash & Counter Tops

Yes a few of us still have Formica counter tops!

DSC_0353 (2)

Now that we’ve installed our new stove and vent hood, time to dress it up! For four years I have look through magazines, Pinterest and every DIY show to get ideas on what to do with our kitchen. Time and time again, when I would see a kitchen with white subway tile I would get excited!

I chose white subway tile because they are so timeless and classy. Another good reason, they are one of the least expensive tiles to buy! I think choosing the white tile gives our kitchen a fresh simple look, which I like.

I was watching a program on HGTV, this person was looking at a home that had Formica counter tops and he said, “I didn’t know that Formica was still around!” Ha-ha! Yes a few of us still have Formica counter tops! Laminate/Formica is a great choice if you are on a budget, which is why we chose Formica.

We purchased our Formica online at Cabinetmaker Warehouse. They have such an awesome selection! We chose Blackstone-Formica Laminate Etching Finish. The white subway tile we purchased at Home Depot.

Dale used BC plywood to make the new counter tops.

Installing subway tiles.

20141026_113553 (2)

 Down to the details!

We choose the dark gray grout, good contrast.

DSC_0218 (2)

DSC_0216 (2)

 After the grout cured, we apply two coats of grout sealer.

DSC_0248 (2)

The finished look!

DSC_0347 (4)

DSC_0350 (5)

DSC_0357 (3)


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DSC_0353 (2)

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“The best part of renovating is when you’re done, you get to DRESS it up!”-Elizabeth Phillips

Kitchen Renovation, Stove & Vent Hood

I am really excited to share with you about our kitchen improvements! It was just last year when we finished. We lived with an old dingy stove and light blue counter tops for a while. The stove had to be the original stove that came with the home, the burners were going out and oven temperature were not accurate. Purchasing a new stove is what got us in motion to start our kitchen renovation! Yay!

We renovated our kitchen in sections, starting with the pantry first. (Kitchen Pantry posted Nov. 15, 2015) Next was installing a new stove and vent hood. Do you remember when I said the “good, bad and the ugly?”  Well your about to see.

 The old dingy stove and light blue counter top.

re modeling 112010 059 (2)

This vent hood was oversize, do not think this was the original vent hood.

re modeling 112010 058 (2)

After new stove was installed and of course we need a new vent hood to go with the new stove.

DSC_0079 (2)


DSC_0081 (2)

As you can see we have a real vent hood, one that exhaust air to the outside! The last home I lived in only had a hood that just recirculated the air. Huh! I like to think our 1987 single wide Bonnell was the cream of the crop at the time. (Smiles)

DSC_0107 (2)

Okay, I could not believe! Inside our vent hood was a big wasp nest and a mud dauber nest! If you have a vent hood that exhaust air to the outside you might want to check your vent pipe on the roof. To prevent flying insects to helping themselves to the vent pipe, my husband put a mesh screen over the roof vent.

Bad & Ugly

 New Vent Hood

DSC_0115 (2)

Installing new exhaust hood.

DSC_0116 (2)

After installation.

DSC_0129 (2)

New stove and vent hood. Purchased at Lowe’s hardware store.

DSC_0125 (2)

Next new counter tops and backsplash! Will post Sunday December 13th!

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Starting to Look Like a Closet

We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Dressing room update!

We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

DSC_0450 (2)

This is the wall where the built in shoe rack and drawers will go.


Shoe Rack

Looking more like a closet!

Thank you for taking a peek!

“I live in a old house with no closets and no built-ins. I hate big cupboards.” (Martha Stewart)