Bathhouse Plumbing, Paint & Vanity

This is Part Nine, continuation of our bathhouse DIY project! The plumbing has been installed in the bathhouse! It ties into the mobile home plumbing, which is why we placed the bathhouse in this location. All the walls and trim have been painted and vanity installed. The white pipe is for the sewer line. The … Continue reading Bathhouse Plumbing, Paint & Vanity

Spring Season, Inside and Out

Isn't there something about Spring? For me! I just want to dismantle everything, wipe all the shelves and dust off all of last seasons stuff away! Ha-ha! Even our eating habits change this time of year! I crave for lighter colorful meals! I look forward to seeing the Texas Wildflowers! You know what?! Spring is … Continue reading Spring Season, Inside and Out

Bathhouse Shelves, Wood Trim & Vanity

This is Part Eight of our continuation of our Bathhouse DIY project! After the shower was installed Dale covered up the sheetrock seams with brown board that he ripped into 2 inch strips. He also made and installed wood shelves for extra storage and started making the vanity for the bathhouse. In this part of … Continue reading Bathhouse Shelves, Wood Trim & Vanity

Fascination, Vintage Hutch

The vintage hutch is one of my favorite furniture pieces that Dale and I purchased from an antique shop over a year ago. I enjoy changing it up seasonally! I've never displayed my china and thought this would be a good time to show off these beautiful dishes! This beautiful china is "FASCINATION" International Fine … Continue reading Fascination, Vintage Hutch