My husband is so smart he also had the carport moved forward, which gives us a better view of our property.

Hello and Happy New Year!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Dale and I have taken a break from everything!! We needed to retreat and refresh and spend some time enjoying our new home. Believe me, we are now ready for some projects. Ha-Ha!  I would like to continue to show you what we have done to the outside construction of our home.

The carport is now complete! Mr. Garza our concrete guy and his crew set the metal carport on the knee wall, they did a wonderful job. I am so happy Dale came up with the idea to have it raised! We have a much better sight line, before our view was block by the buildings cover.

My husband is so smart he also made arrangements to have the carport moved forward, which gives us a better view of our property when we are sitting on the back porch.

Before picture of left side of carport.


Left side knee wall.



Right side of carport.

Having shrubs here was difficult to trim between the house and the carport. Having a sidewalk is much better for this space.


Right side knee wall.

You can see it really looks clean and sleek. Since we had to remove the shrubs we decided to have a sidewalk installed instead. We are all about having things easier!






We extended the driveway for extra space for a patio/workspace and to meet the future ramp for the back porch.


The patio extends ten feet pass the carport.


I wanted to end this blog with a picture of the garden area.

In late December we had some warm weather so I took advantage of it by cleaning up my garden. I spent a day pressure washing the raised beds and washed all my pots. I am looking forward to planting some vegetables this spring. Very hopeful indeed.


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Thank you Dale and Elizabeth Phillips


Kitchen and Dining Room

It’s okay to think out of the box when it comes to your home! Use your space to your advantage!

Dale and I have settled into our new home and are enjoying it very much! We are slowly but surely getting the place organize. Let me tell you about a few things we have done. When we purchased our home the kitchen came with black appliances. We exchanged the stove, air vent and dishwasher with the white appliances we already had. We haven’t replaced the refrigerator yet.

In the kitchen area you will see a beautiful white island that Dale and I found while on a road trip to Wimberley, Texas over the summer! We put this beautiful piece in the breakfast area. I wanted to have an extra serving space and an area I could work on projects.

We also found a beautiful rosewood dining room table on our road trip! We both love the rustic, farmhouse style and scored a good deal! We purchased the chairs from Hermann Furniture in Brenham Texas, one of my favorite places to shop because they have a wonderful antique mall!

Okay now when you see the pictures of the dining room, keep in mind the room was intended to be the living room. Ha-ha! Yes! We are using that space for the dining room! Dale and I really don’t watch much television, but do watch movies. Dale is using the third bedroom for his little media room. I plan to show pictures at a later date.

It’s okay to think out of the box when it comes to your home! Use your space to your advantage! When we have company over they don’t even miss the living room. The kitchen, dining room has become our gathering place. I do plan to make a little sitting area behind the bar later, but for now we are enjoying our space.

We don’t want to do any major projects to our home at this time. I feel we need to live in our home for a while to get a feel for it first. We are working on a small project which I will share later. I hope this was fun! Enjoy the pictures of the kitchen and dining room, till next time!



Dining Room


Before Breakfast Area and Buffet








White appliances looks better with the white farmhouse sink.






Home Sweet Home


View from the dining room.


Rosewood Farmhouse Table


Originally for the TV, using this space for shelving.


Built in shelves.


Handmade ceramic pitcher housewarming gift.


Before Transom Windows






Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

AC Placement and Platform

Hello everyone! One of the things I forgot to mention, it’s about the air conditioner! I think this is a really important step to think about when you are setting up your new mobile home. Does anyone ever think about the placement of where the AC will be installed? Not always! We didn’t want the air conditioner too close to the future back porch and we did not want it near or under a bedroom window. Yes! Dale and I can be a little anal sometimes. Ha-ha! We constantly think of all kinds of situations! Okay, can you imagine you’re sipping your ice tea on your back porch, relaxing and suddenly your AC comes on! The noise just ruins it! Same thing goes with the AC being right under a bedroom window when you are trying to fall a sleep.

Usually the manufacturer is going to put your AC closes to where the furnace is. Our furnace is in the hall next to the second bedroom, which would put it pretty close to the bedroom window.

What to do? Notify the manufacturer in advance where you want the placement of your AC. This is very important so that the installer will make sure to bring enough copper tubing and wire. We had the AC placed furthest from the bedroom window towards the back corner of the house.

Air Conditioner Platform


Now about the AC platform. It was required by the county and FEMA that the Air Conditioner be set above the floodplain. Special note! It was required by us too! Believe me, even if it wasn’t mandatory by the County we would’ve set it high anyway! Common sense when you’ve been through a flood. Dale built the AC platform along with the help from his son. They did a wonderful job!


My featured image is the inside of our home before we moved in. After pictures coming soon.

The Anniversary 2016



“To be prepared is half the victory.”- Miguel De Cervantes





Sidewalk, Driveway and Carport Transformation

I can actually walk with heals to my car without getting my shoes wet or dirty!

Ever since we moved in it’s been busy here at the Phillips Place, you will see what I mean.

Mr. Garza and his crew did such an awesome job on the foundation we thought let’s not stop there! Ha-ha! Dale and I have always talked about installing a paved sidewalk and knew this would be the time to have it done. We had 16 x 16 stones as our sidewalk, but when it rained, we would have puddles in some areas of our path.

We had a gravel driveway and during our past wet season the driveway was deteriorating fast and collecting water. When we purchased the property it came with a 20 x 22 foot metal carport. We had Mr. Garza install a driveway and sidewalk, but Dale added his special touch when it came to the carport. He designed it along with Mr. Garza to make a one foot knee wall, which will raise the carport. Raising the carport gives us a better sight line. In addition we added another sidewalk between the carport and the house.

Before picture. We used 16 x 16 Stones to make a walkway.


 Bracing the carport was a very important step, it was necessary so that the carport would not collapse. Preparing to move the carport so the old house could be removed and make ready for the new driveway.


Nothing is as easy as you want it to be. Moving the carport was a very time consuming job. We did it little by little, step by step until it was done. Dale used PVC pipe to roll the carport.

Carport temporary home. Front yard.


Sidewalk Form

Preparing for the concrete.


Preparing for the new driveway.



One foot knee wall form.


Far left future sidewalk, bottom right future front sidewalk.

Pouring the concrete. Very exciting day!


Oh my! Once the work was complete it made such a big transformation! It looks wonderful! I can actually walk with heals to my car without getting my shoes wet or dirty! Ha-ha! Before I would wear flip flops and change my shoes in the car.

Driveway is finish. Carport still needs to be installed.


New driveway.


Far left see closer look of the sidewalk between carport and house.


Front sidewalk complete.


Opposite view.

Front view of home and front sidewalk.


Dale and I are very happy with our driveway and sidewalks, as you can see it has been pretty busy here. Make sure to stay tuned for what’s next!

“Take small steps every day and you’ll get there one day.” – Author Unknown

Have a wonderful week, The Phillips.

Anniversary’s Front Porch

Our first meal was a frozen lasagna with milk, we sat on the floor and enjoyed!

It’s been really busy here at the Phillip’s Place, very exciting! Once our home was set up, many things had to happen before we could move in! Chucks! Ha-ha! Electrical, plumbing, AC and porches. The front porch was the first on the list. We had Umberto one of Clayton’s contractors do the construction for us. He did a great job! The porch size is 8 x 12 and what I like about the porch is when you walk out the front door there is enough room for a little sitting area on the left. Also I like that the front stairs aligns with the front door and is facing towards the street.

Constructing the Front Porch.


New Front Porch


 Front Porch Completed


For now keeping the front porch uncovered, later will install a portico.


It took about two weeks for all the other hook ups AC, plumbing, electrical to be complete. Before we knew it! We were doing our walk through with the manager from Clayton Homes. After the walk through we were then given the honor of receiving the keys to the Anniversary! Yay!

The first meal in our new home was one evening before we officially moved in. We heated up a frozen lasagna with milk and sat on the floor and enjoyed. We both couldn’t stop smiling, “We have a house!”,  “We’re home!”

Home Sweet Home

I have never been more excited about unpacking!


Have a blessed week, The Phillips

The Anniversary Has Landed

When I first saw our home on the property I cried happy tears! I felt like for once I could breathe! You see a lot had to happen before we could move in another home .

All summer we worked on clearing and cleaning debris off our lot. We also had to cut down a few shrubs and trees so that we could remove the Bonnell and make room for the Anniversary.

But before we could do anything we had to get with our County’s Planning and Development Department. Yuck! This is the part I dislike the most! Red tape stuff!! First thing, we had to apply for a building permit and in order to get a permit, we had to get an Elevation Survey done before we could remove the old home. The survey tells us and the county where the flood line is and how high we have to go with our new home. Next the county required we have our septic system checked by a Certified Septic Tank Inspector, which all took time. Meanwhile we had to wait for the dumpster to be removed that were placed throughout our neighborhood for everyone’s damaged items.  All this took months and months.

Once the mobile home was removed this is what we did to prepare for the new home. We had 10 truckloads of 12 yards each of select field dirt hauled in, to build up the area where our new home would be placed. We had the dirt spread and compacted to make a site pad and poured a concrete foundation. I think adding a slab keeps everything neat and nice and hopefully will keep our home leveled.

Bonnell Leaving the Lot


Before the pad was prepared.


Hauling in the select field.

Spreading and compacting.



New Foundation

Thursday October 6, 2016 our home was delivered to our lot. Seeing our home for the first time did bring happy tears, all the roller-coaster of emotions came. I felt like I was holding my breath while dealing with Insurance Companies, FEMA, the County and the Bank. Seeing our home was worth all the stuff, I could finally breathe again.

The Anniversary, she is beautiful!



So much more to do! I will keep you updated! Thank you so much for stopping by, till next time!



The Anniversary

Dale and I just celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Dale and I just celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary this summer! We took a little road trip and stayed at a bed and breakfast in Wimberley, Texas and had a wonderful time! Believe me, a much needed break! We have more to celebrate!

We found a home! It’s a single wide mobile home, 3 bedrooms 2 baths. Ironically the Model is the “Anniversary”! The make is Clayton Homes and the “Anniversary” is in honor of Clayton Homes 60th anniversary in business. Happy 60th Anniversary to Clayton Homes!

So let me tell you, there are so many things I love about this floor plan! The master bedroom has a separate shower and tub, plus a double sink vanity. The utility room is its own room. Yay! Love that! The kitchen has recessed lighting, a nice farmhouse sink and cabinets that go all the up to the ceiling and a patio door! The windows in the living room are the transom style windows which I really like. The living room also has built in shelves! When Dale and I first viewed the Anniversary we noticed right away the nice touches this floor plan had to offer! We both knew right away this was the home for us!


Take a peek! Kitchen.



Special note, Dale and I have been so busy working on getting our lives back together after the flood. It’s been really hard for me to keep up with my blog. So much more I would like to share but for now I wanted to give you an update on what’s happening at the Phillips Place. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Phillips