Front Yard

It’s take-in some time to get the yard to look like this. We started in the Spring and did what we could, little by little, to prep and prepare, now it’s done!


Wow! I can’t believe August is already here! We’ve had some fun times this summer and I hope yours has been fun as well. It’s been really HOT here in Texas and I’m kind of looking forward to some fall weather, so we can hang out on the porch.

Today I am blogging about our front yard. The yard was in pretty bad shape, due to moving our old mobile home out and moving the new home in; plus work vehicles driving through the yard, which made a few ruts. Top of all that! The yard had a lot of weeds and dead spots. Good news! Our Crepe Myrtle’s are having an abundance of blooms this year, like never before.

Dale fix the ruts in the yard by filling them with topsoil. He also added more soil near the sidewalk, driveway and low spots in the yard to level and smooth out. In addition, Dale added crushed concrete to the entry of the driveway to level it out with the cemented driveway.

Another step we did was apply weed and feed to the yard.

Now for the fun part! Yes, there is always the fun part! Ha-ha! It’s the prepping that’s not fun! But must be done! Sod was next! Dale and I put sod down along the front of the house, sidewalk and driveway. We even placed some sod in front of my red fence. The front yard looks absolutely beautiful!

It’s take-in some time to get the yard to look like this. We started in the Spring and did what we could, little by little, to prep and prepare, now it’s done! Yay!

Moving the Bonnell, last summer.


Our new home.

Fall 2016.


 Dale put plastic down to prevent the dirt from run off, during the Fall and Winter months.


Early Spring

20170528_154551 (2)

Topsoil has already been applied along the sidewalk.


Topsoil applied along the driveway.

20170603_113637 (2)

Getting ready to put down sod.

20170608_163619 (2)


Must water for at least 14 days after planting sod.

Crushed concrete installed to the entry of driveway.

20170722_075549 (2)

Grass planted along the front sidewalk.

Grass planted along the driveway.

20170722_075641 (3)

Grass planted in front of the red fence.

20170805_171833 (2)

Front yard.

20170805_171752 (2)

Side view.

20170730_184905 (2)


20170805_171907 (2)

View from the left side of property and so happy we are done with the front yard.

20170805_182727 (3)

We just recently celebrated our 6th Anniversary and we always make a point to take a portrait every anniversary.

Posing in front of our Texas patio.

DSC_0992 (5)

Thank you so much for stopping by the Phillips Place.



Texas Patio

Dale and I have been busy as bees here at the Phillips Place spending our spring time getting our yard ready for summer!

I’m excited about our new red fence next to the stone patio! But let me tell you about the patio first. The area next to the garden shed had a low spot that collected rain water. I came up with the idea to build the area up by installing a stone patio. Last fall we had sand brought in, to spread in the backyard and ended up with more than we needed. So we used some of the sand to build up the area for the stone patio. We didn’t get technical about it. Dale made a frame using some landscape timbers we had on hand. He shoveled the extra sand to the area and we pounded the sand using our body weight by stepping and jumping on the sand. Yeah! I know we must’ve looked a little crazy, plus we don’t have a lot of body weight, so if the patio falls apart later you know why! Ha-ha! We finished the patio all in a days work. Not bad huh! Dale later installed a stone sidewalk next to the garden an unexpected surprise!

Before Picture

We removed shrubs for the fence.


To make the frame square we had to cut part of this tree. We plan to cut this tree down in the fall. Landscape timbers for the frame.


Filling with sand.


The first and the last stone laid

After we squared the patio we were left with a small odd shape area by the patio. Dale concrete that spot.


Made sure to put our initials and date.

20170605_183702 (2)


 Dale used treated 1 x 4’s to make the form for the stone sidewalk.

20170330_120019 (2)

After picture of sidewalk.

Fresh dirt under the shrubs.

20170603_190644 (3)

Red Fence

I’ve always wanted a picket fence next to the garden shed and trying to come up with an idea on how to make that happen. We previously had a fence in our backyard hiding our propane tank. After the flood we had the propane tank removed and Dale suggested we should reuse the fence for the patio area. A good idea because all we needed was to purchase concrete and a couple of 2 x 4’s for the project. Dale shorten the fence by cutting a foot off the height so that we would have a view of the front yard. It’s not exactly a picket fence but it is a fence and it works for me.

Setting the post for the fence.

Cutting the fence for the desired height.

20170408_113959 (2)

One side installed.

20170408_114003 (2)

Painted the fence to match the red gate.

Color is Red Geranium by Glidden Wal-Mart.

After Picture

20170411_093759 (2)

I love our patio! It’s a nice peaceful spot to sit and have a glass of iced tea or a cup of coffee. I also appreciate our new stone sidewalk a much stable walkway and makes it easier to get to and from the garden shed. The cherry on top! Is the red fence! It really stands out! I can imagine some good times will be spent here in this beautiful Texas patio.

Our Texas Patio

After Pictures.

20170603_190320 (2)

20170603_190801 (2)

20170603_190503 (2)

The Hearts of Texas.

20170603_190726 (2)


I hope you enjoyed reading about our Texas Patio as much as I’ve enjoyed telling you about our outdoor project.

20170603_190801 (3)


Sidewalk, Driveway and Carport Transformation

I can actually walk with heals to my car without getting my shoes wet or dirty!

Ever since we moved in it’s been busy here at the Phillips Place, you will see what I mean.

Mr. Garza and his crew did such an awesome job on the foundation we thought let’s not stop there! Ha-ha! Dale and I have always talked about installing a paved sidewalk and knew this would be the time to have it done. We had 16 x 16 stones as our sidewalk, but when it rained, we would have puddles in some areas of our path.

We had a gravel driveway and during our past wet season the driveway was deteriorating fast and collecting water. When we purchased the property it came with a 20 x 22 foot metal carport. We had Mr. Garza install a driveway and sidewalk, but Dale added his special touch when it came to the carport. He designed it along with Mr. Garza to make a one foot knee wall, which will raise the carport. Raising the carport gives us a better sight line. In addition we added another sidewalk between the carport and the house.

Before picture. We used 16 x 16 Stones to make a walkway.


 Bracing the carport was a very important step, it was necessary so that the carport would not collapse. Preparing to move the carport so the old house could be removed and make ready for the new driveway.


Nothing is as easy as you want it to be. Moving the carport was a very time consuming job. We did it little by little, step by step until it was done. Dale used PVC pipe to roll the carport.

Carport temporary home. Front yard.


Sidewalk Form

Preparing for the concrete.


Preparing for the new driveway.



One foot knee wall form.


Far left future sidewalk, bottom right future front sidewalk.

Pouring the concrete. Very exciting day!


Oh my! Once the work was complete it made such a big transformation! It looks wonderful! I can actually walk with heals to my car without getting my shoes wet or dirty! Ha-ha! Before I would wear flip flops and change my shoes in the car.

Driveway is finish. Carport still needs to be installed.


New driveway.


Far left see closer look of the sidewalk between carport and house.


Front sidewalk complete.


Opposite view.

Front view of home and front sidewalk.


Dale and I are very happy with our driveway and sidewalks, as you can see it has been pretty busy here. Make sure to stay tuned for what’s next!

“Take small steps every day and you’ll get there one day.” – Author Unknown

Have a wonderful week, The Phillips.