Front Stain Porch

Fall is the perfect time to paint or stain here in Texas! Even though it is a little warm, it’s not so HOT! Ha-ha! Happy to announce we finally had our front porch stained! Best part is we hired someone to do the job! Yay!

Dale and I like doing our own projects, but at the time, we had too many things on the burner and the porch was getting to the point were it desperately needed some attention. The hot summers can wear on decking.

I called Mark McKinney the painter and he was happy to do the job! Dale and Mark were both thinking that I would just pick a stain color and have the whole thing done easy breezy. (SMILE) In my mind’s eye I had a look I wanted. I originally wanted to paint the decking and lattice, but Dale said, “No paint.” His reasoning, “paint doesn’t last, paint peels and stain is easier to re-stain.” Mark brought me Sherwin Williams stain samples and to my surprise, they have wonderful stain colors! I choose a semi-transparent stain “White Birch,” for the railings and the lattice. For the deck and the stairs I choose a solid stain “Driftwood.”

The front porch looks absolutely perfect! It is exactly the way I pictured it in my mind! Happy to say that Dale was pretty impressed too! The porch reminds me of the beach. I wanted it to look light and airy and the stain compliments the house. I cannot wait to give it some curb appeal, but for now the stain needs to cure.


20170722_151843 (2)


20171105_172028 (2)


20171105_172011 (2)

20171118_150253 (2)


20171105_172037 (3)

Sherwin Williams Solid Stain “Driftwood”

20171105_172149 (2)


20171105_171938 (2)

Sherwin Williams Semi Transparent “White Birch”

20171105_171932 (3)


20171118_150559 (2)

For now I put up a Fall Wreath, letting the stain cure.

20171118_150147 (2)

Pretty Fall Day at the Phillips Place

20171118_150559 (2)

Till next time, have a wonderful weekend!









Front Porch

Dale uses his utility trailer to carry his tools and supplies for his convenience.

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer! Dale and I are having a much better summer this year! Last summer we were recovering from the flood. Not fun at all.

 Summer 2016. Through it all we kept our spirits up.


Well let me tell you about our front porch! Early spring we were ready to give the front porch a finish look by adding lattice to the bottom. But before we could do that Dale needed to address the dirt that was washing out from underneath the porch. He installed 2 x 10’s around the bottom to hold the gravel. Dale used a type of gravel call washout; it is some kind of crushed concrete and fairly inexpensive. He put about a yard of gravel within the border he made and compacted as much as possible. Now for the fun stuff! We choose the smallest square lattice we could find, which I think looks elegant. Once Dale finish applying the lattice, he covered the rough edges using 1 x 4’s. At that point the porch was looking much better, but we noticed when walking up the stairs you could see between the steps and it kind of looked dark and scary underneath. Ha-ha! I believe because our steps are high, it’s very noticeable. To solve the issue Dale installed 2 x 8’s between the steps. No more dark and scary! The benefit to adding the 2 x 8’s gave the steps more support and should keep critters out from underneath the porch. Wow! The porch looks wonderful!

Before Picture

20170122_142014 (3)

2 x 10 Frame



Hauling the gravel.

20170326_173152 (2)

Washout gravel.


Preparing frame for under the steps.

Frame complete.


Gravel complete.

Dale uses his utility trailer to carry his tools and supplies for his convenience. The trailer is easily moved with the garden tractor to the location where he is working. Can you see his miter saw?

Getting ready to install the lattice.


Lattice installed.

20170722_151807 (2)

Front steps completed.

20170722_151817 (3)

Right side view from the street.

20170722_151843 (2)

Steps 2 x 8’s installed.

20170722_151827 (4)


20170722_151928 (2)


20170722_151939 (2)

The man of the hour, Mr. Dale Phillips! My husband does wonderful work, as you can see the porch looks awesome!


20170722_180709 (2)

Future Plans For The Porch

Paint, stain and add lights to the steps. All in due time. 🙂

Summer Vacation 2017

Bald River Falls in Tennessee

20170717_122937 (2)

Cherohala Skyway


Biltmore Estate

20170718_105641 (2)

Biltmore Estate rose garden.

Taking the time to smell the roses.

20170718_143041 (2)

Enjoying the shade.

20170718_141323 (3)

Sunflower Field in Stecoah, NC


We both wish you a happy sunny summer!

The Phillips


Skirting/Back Porch and the American Flag

This has been a humbling experience for us. We are so thankful for the many who have donated their time, money and prayers.

I am so excited to tell you about our mobile home skirting and the back porch! Since we have a concrete slab, we choose to go with smart panel for the skirting around the house. We had vinyl skirting on the Bonnell and always seem to have problems with it moving or cracking. I think mainly because the ground here moves a lot.

1987 Bonnell with Vinyl Skirting.


Umberto the contractor whom we used through Clayton homes and his crew framed underneath our home with 2 x 4’s and used treated 2 x 4’s at the bottom, which was applied on top of the slab. The crew nailed the smart panels to the frame and my husband requested for the smart panels to run pass the slab. Important note: By doing this step it keeps the water off the slab and prevents the wood from rotting. The crew also made two crawl space doors at the back of the house and installed air vents for ventilation. Once they were done they painted the skirting to match the color of the home. Oh what a big difference! The skirting looks wonderful!

Concrete Slab we added J-hooks to the slab to make it easier to tie down the Anniversary.


Frame Work


Smart panel installed, before paint.


Smart panel runs pass the slab


Back of home.

Front before skirting was painted.


Skirting was painted to match the color of the home. Complete.


Next is my very favorite! The back porch! The kitchen area has a beautiful sliding door and Dale and I envisioned a nice size back porch. The porch size is 10 x 20 with a ramp facing the carport and steps facing towards the back yard. Having a ramp makes it easier carrying groceries into the house and helps for anyone who might have problems walking up stairs. Now you guys know I am going to have fun decorating the back porch! Ha-ha!

Building the back porch


Future back porch


This is Umberto posing for us. We appreciate all the work he and his crew have done. Very happy!


Porch Complete

New Back Porch


This has been a humbling experience for us. We are so thankful for the many who have donated their time, money and prayers to help us get to this point. I say this with tears we are so grateful.

In November we had a party for our friends, family and neighbors to show our appreciation. I officially put up the American flag that was previously displayed on our old porch before the festivities got started. We had burgers on the grill and had a live band playing! The Texas Humdinger’s! The band even donated their time to play for us. We just couldn’t believe it! We had a great time and felt it was time for a celebration!

Putting up the American Flag



What a fun night with the Texas Humdinger’s!


I wanted to mention that one of the band members was a victim of the flooding too. There are families still in our neighborhood rebuilding from the 2016 flooding. Please keep them and others in your prayers.

Thank you so much, Dale and Elizabeth.



Anniversary’s Front Porch

Our first meal was a frozen lasagna with milk, we sat on the floor and enjoyed!

It’s been really busy here at the Phillip’s Place, very exciting! Once our home was set up, many things had to happen before we could move in! Chucks! Ha-ha! Electrical, plumbing, AC and porches. The front porch was the first on the list. We had Umberto one of Clayton’s contractors do the construction for us. He did a great job! The porch size is 8 x 12 and what I like about the porch is when you walk out the front door there is enough room for a little sitting area on the left. Also I like that the front stairs aligns with the front door and is facing towards the street.

Constructing the Front Porch.


New Front Porch


 Front Porch Completed


For now keeping the front porch uncovered, later will install a portico.


It took about two weeks for all the other hook ups AC, plumbing, electrical to be complete. Before we knew it! We were doing our walk through with the manager from Clayton Homes. After the walk through we were then given the honor of receiving the keys to the Anniversary! Yay!

The first meal in our new home was one evening before we officially moved in. We heated up a frozen lasagna with milk and sat on the floor and enjoyed. We both couldn’t stop smiling, “We have a house!”,  “We’re home!”

Home Sweet Home

I have never been more excited about unpacking!


Have a blessed week, The Phillips