Our First Anniversary!

We have created so many memories here in such a short amount of time.! Happy One Year Anniversary!


Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved into our new home! We have created so many memories here in such a short amount of time! We even survived Harvey, so very grateful! Thanksgiving was our first official dinner here, spent with family and friends. Afterwards, we held an open house celebration with a live band! Next event, we had our whole family here for Easter, egg toss and all! In between all this, installed a concrete driveway, side walk and stone garden patio. Some inside projects, customizing our pantry, laundry room and master closet. Wow! Sounds like a lot! Huh! One of our greatest memories was during the heat of summer! Fourth of July concert, featuring, family members jamming with their musical instruments. What fun! You see we are not all about just work! We do have some play time! Ha-ha!

To celebrate I wanted to share some pictures of our home décor. I like changing things up to reflect the time and seasons. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us!


Home Sweet Home

Welcome to my home.

Fall 2016


Homemade Café Mocha


Pine box handed down to me from my grandmother.




Simple Home Décor.


Winter 2016






Winter Tablescape


Winter Treat

Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Birthday Brunch for mom.


Fruit Salad


Spring 2017


Coffee Bar


Yes I am a coffee lover.

My homemade latte.


Better Homes and Garden dish set, love this pattern.

Elizabeth’s Latte


Spring Tablescape


Kitchen Buffet


Magnolia Journal

Framed a picture from the magazine.


Back Porch


Breakfast on the porch.

Wal-Mart finds. Placemats, Pioneer women cloth napkins.

20170606_084347 (2)

I had to sneak Mr. Phillips in here.


Wine rack purchased at a thrift store.

Placed next to the back porch door and where I keep my garden hat.


Guest bedroom wall shelf. Spring Décor.


Dining Room




Summer 2017

Purchase this piece at Rooms To Go, meant for a TV but I use it as a sideboard.


The white tablescape looks classic.


Wall Gallery Summer 2017


Fall 2017

I just started decorating for Fall. Purchased these white pumpkins at HEB.


We’ve been here four seasons at the Phillips Place and feel really blessed.

Stay tune we are looking forward to sharing more of our future projects with you. Have a wonderful awesome day! The Phillips

Small Bathroom

The bathroom originally came with a basic light fixture, nothing fancy but an easy fix!

Hello my friends! Today I wanted to show you our small bathroom. The bathroom originally came with a basic light fixture, nothing fancy but an easy fix! Changing a light fixture can really give a room a more custom look. We kept the light fixture that was in the Bonnell in my dressing room and replaced it. It was such a beautiful piece, we knew we could install in our new home. So happy we kept it! We then installed two new towel racks, one for the shower and the vanity and a new toilet paper roll.

Forgive me for some of the pictures that came out dark. It was hard to get good shots with no natural light.


20160711_170736 (2)

It’s amazing how just adding the shower curtain, towels and carpet gives it some life.

20170706_100439 (2)

The anniversary did not come with a towel rack. I’m okay with that, I would prefer to add my own and place it where I want it.

New chrome towel rack to match the light fixture.

  20170706_102731 (2)

Original light fixture.

20160711_170949 (2)

New Light Fixture



20160711_170740 (2)

I added my Egret painting for some color.

20170706_102859 (2)

20170706_103027 (2)


20160711_170946 (2)


Chrome toilet paper holder.

20170706_102211 (2)


20170706_114758 (2)

This double picture frame hangs in the small bathroom. I had the frame and found these cute pictures of tulips in the Magnolia Journal. I inserted them in the frame and thought they made a nice décor piece.

20170312_173438 (2)




20170706_101241 (2)

Now think of all the possibilities for this small bathroom. New vanity, mirror, trim and some paint! Wow! Ha-ha! Someday!

Flood update. People here are still in the beginning stages of recovering. Many homes flooded in our neighborhood. We are waiting for the county to pick up the trash/debris. Last we heard from our commissioner is no definite date at this time.  Please pray for Texas and Florida.


The Anniversary Survived

Summer before we did everything we could to try to prevent from flooding again, raising our home paid off.

Hello my friends and thank you for all your concerns. Dale and I are doing good. So much has happen since my last post. The good news is our home did not flood. When I posted my last blog about my flower arrangements, I knew Harvey was coming and did not want to think how it would affect us! I was in denial!

Last summer after our home flooded we spent most of our time and money preparing for the foundation for our new home. Cutting down shrubs and trees. In edition we did everything by the book, inspections upon inspections, building permit and hauling dirt. Most importantly installing a concrete foundation.

Clayton homes installers made sure to raise our home as high as they could possibly go, which was 2 1/2 feet higher then our last home. Now all this would be put to the test! Unbelievable!

When I first heard about the tropical storm on Tuesday August 22, I decided that day to stock up on water, can goods and non perishables. While at the store I notice plenty of water and no one at the time seemed to be concerned. I think by Wednesday it sunk in that Harvey could be serious. For a while we did not know where Harvey was going to land. ?? The news forecast that Harvey would bring 20 to 30 inches of rain! Dale knew we needed to be concerned about the River.

To be prepared we both packed our bags, incase we had to evacuate. Sunday August 27, 5:30 in the morning we received a phone call from a neighbor that our creek was filling up with water, which is the day we evacuated. Before we left our home Dale moved both of our lawn mowers up onto the back deck. We turned our main power off and emptied our refrigerator. Earlier, Dale made a high shelf in his workshop to put all his tools up.

Dale made sure when we had the deck installed the ramp was wide enough to drive the riding lawnmower up the deck.

20170825_082856 (2)

All I can say is the rain that was pouring down was constant for days. We stayed with some friends and we were all glued to the news. Seeing many having to evacuate their homes. So many hero’s coming out! People helping people. By the time it was over according to our friends rain gauge, we received 32 inches of rain.

Between Sunday and Monday the Brazos River went over it’s banks and flooded our neighborhood. The river rose 36 feet. Five feet of water surrounded our home. We did not know if our home had flooded at the time until my husband received a picture from one of our neighbors, he was able to go into the subdivision with his Jet Ski and he took pictures of everyone’s homes.

We received this picture from a friend who was able to go in with his jet ski. He took pictures of all the homes in our neighborhood.

Screenshot_20170829-145708 (2)

We returned home on Saturday, Sept. 2nd. Most of our neighbor’s homes flooded. It made me sick to see this again. When we finally made it home we immediately notice the water line, we knew our home did not flood. At first we were concerned that maybe the underbelly might have gotten wet, but with further inspection it did not. Summer before we did everything we could to try to prevent from flooding again and raising our home paid off.

Picture taken before the storm.


I am so thankful that I was able to enjoy my garden for the most part of the summer.

Elizabeth’s garden after the flood.

Our week has been busy. We’ve been treating our well water, cleaning my garden shed and pressure washing everything we can little at a time. As much as I hate cleaning river mud off of everything! We got this! So grateful our home did not flood.

Some of our family members did not escape this. Dale’s mothers home flooded. My brother who lives near the Brazos River, his home flooded. My uncle’s home flooded. Friend’s homes have flooded and some of our co worker’s homes have flooded. So many affected by Hurricane Harvey! Please continue to pray for Texas.

Pray for Texas

IMG_20170905_135151_419 (2)

So thankful for the Red Cross, they have been here daily handing out water and a hot meal.

I personally thanked them and told them I don’t want this to be a yearly thing!

Ha-ha! You just gotta laugh once in a while!

20170904_140632_001 (2)

May 28, 2016 Flood


Our hearts go out to the islands that have been hit by Hurricane Irma and we are praying for Florida.


Flower Arrangements

I purposely planted Zinnias in my garden for cut flowers.

Hello everyone! I hope your ready to see lots of pictures! I wanted to post something fun to show you, I’m not all work and no play! Ha-ha! I LOVE FLOWERS! Who doesn’t! I was going through my picture gallery and realize! Wow! I have made lots of flower arrangements since we moved into our new home! I love both real, dried and faux flowers. Flowers to me can become a focal point, they can brighten up a room and set a mood your trying to create. So enjoy!

Winter Carnations

Dale found these pine branches and ask if I wanted them? I said yes! No cost and from nature.


Carnations are the most inexpensive flowers you can purchase.


Natural Pine Branches


February Valentine’s Day Carnations


Better Homes and Garden Faux Flowers

Flowers from our wedding for table arrangements. Kitchen Island.


Same faux flowers, which adds a nice touch to our vintage dresser and the picture on the wall.


Easter Flower Arrangement


Same Easter arrangement, changed the décor pieces.


Easter Arrangement


Coffee Bar

Cotton Stems


Faux Tulips

Easter Spring Table Arrangements


Faux Blue Hydrangeas

Found these flowers at a thrift store.


April Flower Arrangement


Mother’s Day Flowers

IMG_20170429_175743_351 (2)

From my dresser to the kitchen island. I tend to move my flower arrangements around.

Evening shot of our home.

IMG_20170429_192104_720 (2)



Dried Pepper Stems

I love these delicate dried pepper stems, displayed in the guest bedroom shelf.


More dried pepper stems in a small crock.

IMG_20170623_180903_564 (2)

Summer Flowers

I purposely planted Zinnias in my garden for cut flowers.


Fourth of July Flower Arrangement


Crepe Myrtles

The greenery you see is from a small tree we trimmed. I just could not throw away, so in they went with the crepe myrtles.


Shelf in the guest bedroom. The cake topper you see was a gift from our wedding. It represents summer weddings. The jewelry box was mine when I was a child. Thank you mom so much for holding on to this! The mini lantern belongs to Dale’s grandmother. The vintage recipe box was given to me from my mother. I remember looking inside this box when I was young at the recipes. I was really being nosy!

IMG_20170627_172710_472 (2)

Tiny Flowers

This vase is one of my smallest 3 1/2 inches. Good for my tiny zinnias.


Flowers and herbs from my garden.


I always have some kind of flower arrangements displayed somewhere in my home. Cotton stems are now displayed on my gallery wall.

IMG_20170813_114843_663 (2)

One morning while in my garden I thought I am going to collect the pink zinnias today! I then displayed them in my tea pot.

IMG_20170810_104412_908 (2)

I hope you had fun looking through the pictures of my flower arrangements. I don’t fret to much when making the arrangements. I put the flowers in a vase and move them around a bit and let them be. Sometimes I put a book or a décor piece near, to compliment the arrangement. I believe in keeping it simple.

“Just living is not enough….one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Thank you so much for stopping by, till next time!






Front Porch

Dale uses his utility trailer to carry his tools and supplies for his convenience.

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer! Dale and I are having a much better summer this year! Last summer we were recovering from the flood. Not fun at all.

 Summer 2016. Through it all we kept our spirits up.


Well let me tell you about our front porch! Early spring we were ready to give the front porch a finish look by adding lattice to the bottom. But before we could do that Dale needed to address the dirt that was washing out from underneath the porch. He installed 2 x 10’s around the bottom to hold the gravel. Dale used a type of gravel call washout; it is some kind of crushed concrete and fairly inexpensive. He put about a yard of gravel within the border he made and compacted as much as possible. Now for the fun stuff! We choose the smallest square lattice we could find, which I think looks elegant. Once Dale finish applying the lattice, he covered the rough edges using 1 x 4’s. At that point the porch was looking much better, but we noticed when walking up the stairs you could see between the steps and it kind of looked dark and scary underneath. Ha-ha! I believe because our steps are high, it’s very noticeable. To solve the issue Dale installed 2 x 8’s between the steps. No more dark and scary! The benefit to adding the 2 x 8’s gave the steps more support and should keep critters out from underneath the porch. Wow! The porch looks wonderful!

Before Picture

20170122_142014 (3)

2 x 10 Frame



Hauling the gravel.

20170326_173152 (2)

Washout gravel.


Preparing frame for under the steps.

Frame complete.


Gravel complete.

Dale uses his utility trailer to carry his tools and supplies for his convenience. The trailer is easily moved with the garden tractor to the location where he is working. Can you see his miter saw?

Getting ready to install the lattice.


Lattice installed.

20170722_151807 (2)

Front steps completed.

20170722_151817 (3)

Right side view from the street.

20170722_151843 (2)

Steps 2 x 8’s installed.

20170722_151827 (4)


20170722_151928 (2)


20170722_151939 (2)

The man of the hour, Mr. Dale Phillips! My husband does wonderful work, as you can see the porch looks awesome!


20170722_180709 (2)

Future Plans For The Porch

Paint, stain and add lights to the steps. All in due time. 🙂

Summer Vacation 2017

Bald River Falls in Tennessee

20170717_122937 (2)

Cherohala Skyway


Biltmore Estate

20170718_105641 (2)

Biltmore Estate rose garden.

Taking the time to smell the roses.

20170718_143041 (2)

Enjoying the shade.

20170718_141323 (3)

Sunflower Field in Stecoah, NC


We both wish you a happy sunny summer!

The Phillips


Happy Independence Day

Hello and happy fourth of July! I hope you are enjoying your holiday! Dale and I are enjoying some time off from work and projects. Saturday we celebrated at our place with friends and family; we had a Forth of July Concert Jam! We have family members that are musicians and they were excited to come jam together! Wow! What a great way to celebrate! Dale and I love listening to live music and has been a dream for us, having a live band play here at the Phillips Place. We can check that off our bucket list! Ha-ha! Next on our bucket list, movie night! I think that would be great! Will see!

Fourth of July Concert Jam at the Phillips Place

This picture was taken by my daughter Mary Hatton. She took some awesome pictures of our jam! I think she gets her photography from me. Ha-ha! Actually she has exceeded me with her photography! Mary is a blogger too! Check her out! The Cake Chica Thank you Mary!

20170704_153116 (2)

Phillips Place Home

This is my dining room wall. I purchased this clock at Hobby Lobby, it was on sale for 50% off. Wonderful! The wall sconces I purchased at an antique shop for under $20.00. My mother gave me the vintage coffee pot and the tea kettle I found at another antique store and scored a great deal on sale! The green pitcher was a gift and the books were purchased at a thrift store. Cotton stems I bought at Magnolia Silos. Of course it took some time to gather all these items. I always look for great deals and through patience’s can somehow put things together.

20170625_160418 (2)


 For summer I wanted to change this part of my kitchen, so I placed my small collection of these beautiful crocks. I always put a picture above my stove but did not have anything that went well with my décor. I took care of that by painting an abstract art piece, using similar colors of my crocks. My abstract art I’ve named, “Sand & Water.” This was my small DIY project and had fun painting it!

20170623_175707 (2)

Fourth of July Home decor.

This is my fourth of July home decorating. I cut some fresh flowers from my garden and put them in a small vase and placed them on top of a red white and blue runner. That’s it! I really don’t go all out, I think a little goes a long way.

20170703_092745 (2)

Outdoor, Red, White and Blue

I kept it simple even outdoors. I found this star garland at Target, in the dollar section and placed it on my vintage window on my porch.

20170704_091644 (2)

My garden shed vintage window I purchased the red, white and blue flower bouquet at Wal-Mart for under $10.00 and the garland at Target in the dollar section.

20170703_165024 (3)

Have a Happy Fourth of July and wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Dale & Elizabeth Phillips


A note from Elizabeth

 I was so nervous the first time using the miter saw. It did not take long for me to get the hang of it though!

re modeling 112010 061


I started blogging two years ago for the reason that we were renovating a 1987 single wide Bonnell mobile home. We purchased our property over six years ago and were fixing our home those past years. The Bonnell started out from a deer cabin and I do mean deer cabin to a beautiful cottage. My thoughts were, “do people know about this?” You can indeed renovate a mobile home! Hence, my blog began. I wanted to encourage others that it is possible to renovate a mobile home like any other home. When I began this journey I did not know anything about construction. With the help of my husband I learned to demolish, saw, hammer, nail and paint. Oh believe me, there is a wrong and right way to hammer and a technique to everything I listed above. I had never used tools like a nail gun, drill or a miter saw before. My husband even gave me a lesson on how to measure because all those little lines on the measuring tape do mean something when you are trying to get an accurate cut! Believe it or not I became pretty good at cutting with accuracy! Ha-ha! Last year we were in the process of replacing the floors to our master bedroom when our home flooded along with most of our neighbors.

LIFE! Life happens! People go through some devastating stuff sometimes. You hear about it all the time tornado’s, fires and flooding. My advice is to be prepared. What I mean by that, is to make sure you are insured and keep a record of all your belongings and keep all that information at another location. We have a safety box at our bank and keep all our important papers there. It’s better to be prepared then not.

Back to the blog! After our home flooded I did not know if I wanted to continue to blog anymore. I didn’t think I had anything to blog about. I kind of had this give up attitude. You know it’s okay to be down when you’re out, but it’s not okay to stay in that place. I choose to get up and wipe the dirt off my britches! I did what ever it took not to give up! Guess what? Less than a year later, we were back home and it’s even better!

Our Home

Dale just recently put some lattice around the outside of the porch. Also he laid some fresh dirt next to the sidewalk.

20170528_154551 (2)

This is a picture of my kitchen. I decorated this wall for under $35.00. The clock, lamp and pictures are Walmart finds. Great deal when you are on a budget! Oh and I made that HOME sign using reclaimed fence board.


I was excited when we found the home we wanted to purchase! Clayton homes, “Anniversary.” A single wide three bedroom manufacture home and I thought why not blog about our experience! So far I have blogged about the preparations in the setup of our home and about some of the changes we have made to the inside of our home. I will continue to blog about what we are doing here at the Phillips Place, but since we are not doing any major renovations (thank goodness) I might not post as often. I can tell you we have plans in the works for a room redo in the fall. Yay! Can’t wait! I promise to post at least once a month if not more. At times I might post my thoughts or a small project. I hope you will continue to follow us! I think some exciting things will happen! Make sure to subscribe to my blog so you will not miss any post. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my note from my heart. I appreciate it very much.


P.S. Maybe I will put to good use some of the skills I’ve learned from renovating. 🙂