Phillips Place, Saying Goodbye

Hello my sweet followers! I am saying goodbye and ending my blog. Yes it's time. I have been contemplating this for over a year now. Blogging can be very time consuming and I've developed other interest and I can't do it all! Ha-ha! Which, Dale has pointed out! I will remain on my Instagram if … Continue reading Phillips Place, Saying Goodbye

Autumn Home Tour

Home in Autumn, by Elizabeth Phillips Our home is filled with autumn here and there, Warm colors everywhere. Dry flowers and faux flowers fill the air. Copper and metals add some glare, Candles light up the room with flare. I'm still holding on to autumn here! I usually transition my winter decor the week of … Continue reading Autumn Home Tour

Air Plants, Succulents & More

What's on your window sill? Lately! I've been enjoying the succulents on my window sill! Two months ago my daughter moved into the River Crest Guest house, while their home is being built. She brought with her these beautiful succulents, hens & chick plants for me to babysit. I knew right away where I would … Continue reading Air Plants, Succulents & More

Spring Season, Inside and Out

Isn't there something about Spring? For me! I just want to dismantle everything, wipe all the shelves and dust off all of last seasons stuff away! Ha-ha! Even our eating habits change this time of year! I crave for lighter colorful meals! I look forward to seeing the Texas Wildflowers! You know what?! Spring is … Continue reading Spring Season, Inside and Out