Christmas Home Tour Part 3

Today is my final winter home tour! It’s the place we gather the most. The dining room!


Merry Christmas!

Today is my final winter home tour! It’s the place we gather the most.

The Dining Room!

For my tablescape I made a natural table runner using dried sea oats grass. This ornamental grass was fairly inexpensive and I love it’s uniqueness. Fresh garland was added, pinecones and some dried red berries for some contrast. I also placed some wine corks here and there. The wine corks Dale and I have collected over the years and have dates written with a sharpie of special occasions. I thought this would make a good conversational piece.

20171220_134054 (2)

I bought some mini red and white roses and put them in clear glass jars. They look beautiful with my natural table runner.

DSC_1414 (2)

The dishes you see are Better Homes & Gardens, Heritage Collection. I purchased at Wal-Mart. The gold ware I’ve had for years and use them every holiday.

DSC_1425 (2)

The MERRY cloth napkins are Mud Pie, purchased at a little shop in Sealy, Bliss.

20171220_133909 (2)


DSC_1415 (3)


DSC_1441 (2)

Christmas Tree bread & butter plate.

DSC_1447 (2)


DSC_1492 (3)

Heritage Collection offers four different picture bread butter plates, Christmas Tree, Snowman, Vintage Car, and a Deer, not shown.

Christmas Dining Room

DSC_1401 (2)


Tip: The mini roses are less expensive and you get more flowers than the regular size roses.

DSC_1409 (3)


20171220_143801 (2)


20171220_143712 (2)


20171220_142557 (2)


20171220_134253 (2)


20171220_140652 (2)


DSC_1434 (2)

Natural Table Runner from nature.

DSC_1589 (2)

I decorated the Christmas tree with the traditional colors.

DSC_1625 (2)


DSC_1516 (2)

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Dale and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you he is the Messiah the Lord.” Luke 2:11 












Christmas Gingerbread Party

Having a Ginger Bread Party was a wonderful way to start our holiday season!



I am so excited to share with you, all about my Christmas Gingerbread Party! So come on let’s party! Ha-ha!

I personally have never made a gingerbread house and thought it would be fun to get together with some friends and decorate one together! My daughter Mary, who is a food blogger, “The Cake Chica, “ has made beautiful gingerbread houses in the past. I ask if she would help us out. After looking at her busy schedule, Mary gave me a date when she was available to assist us. I was planning on purchasing readymade kits, but Mary had a better idea! She decided to make our gingerbread houses herself and for a fee provided everything we would need to decorate. I was in gingerbread heaven! I knew this would be special.

I wanted to keep the party small. I sent out an Evite and two of my close friends wanted to join in the fun. My granddaughter and mother joined in as well. Altogether five of us. Which turned out to be the perfect number! Mary provided the gingerbread forms and the fixings to decorate. I provided lunch for the ladies.

We started the party at 10:30 in the morning. Coffee and blueberry muffins greeted the guest. Mary made the magic royal icing and she laid all the gingerbread pieces out for each of us. I think we all sat and stared at our pieces for a moment, my mother was the first one to start decorating her gingerbread pieces. After that it was all on! It was wonderful to see, out of our own imaginations, what we created! Once we finish decorating our pieces we took a break for lunch. Perfect timing to let our pieces dry. Afterwards, we then put the pieces together roof and all using the magic royal icing! We had such a great time! None of us has ever decorated a gingerbread house! Have you? Having this party was a wonderful way to start our holiday season. My favorite moment was watching my mother Geneva who is 82 years old create her gingerbread house. She has always been a talented women and to see her big smile when she was finish with her masterpiece was all worth it!

Pictures taken by Mary Hatton

Mary’s gingerbread house was our inspiration.

I love Mary’s gingerbread house! Her house looks like a perfect log cabin. Mary coated her home with fondant and dusted the fondant with cocoa powder! She cut out her windows out and used gelatin sheets to look like glass. She used Crème filled wafers on the front sides of her house. She used green royal icing to make the greenery set along the house. Love her green wreath decorated with silver sprinkles! She used frosted mini wheat’s for her roof and love the royal icing icicles! She used colorful sprinkles to surround her windows and for the front sidewalk, she used chocolate rocks!

Dreamy Delicious!



Gingerbread forms made by “The Cake Chica.”


Now may the decorating began!







Gingerbread houses complete!

Brenda’s Gingerbread Beach House


I love the way Brenda decorated her beach house! She coated her house with blue fondant. To trim she used yellow, green and a few blue jelly beans. The front has beautiful cake décor flowers. She used cinnamon for the sand, painted the blue water with dyed icing. Chocolate rocks are set along the water. Noodles for the roof top. The gingerbread door she made into a surf board! Love the palm tree!

Ready for a Mai Tai!


Geneva’s gingerbread house.


Geneva’s gingerbread house is so colorful! Love that she used cookie wafers to make a chimney. She used plenty of jelly beans and painted her windows using dyed icing to look like stain glass. Her windows are surrounded with colorful sprinkles. Love her Christmas trees in front of her house, made with green fondant. She used plenty of royal icing and frosted her front door and made a frosted wreath with colorful sprinkles!

Winter Wonderland!


Kathy’s gingerbread house.


Kathy’s house reminds me of a sweet log country cabin! So elegant. She used gray silver sprinkles to coat her house. She outlined her house with red and green jelly beans. I love how she used frosted mini wheat’s for her roof. I love the candy cane she put on the front door instead of a wreath. She used red candy strip to make a bow. For her sidewalk she used red candy melts and she frosted all around her house.

Hot Chocolate Anyone?


Yolanda’s gingerbread house.


Yolanda’s house is so colorful! She used red, white and green sprinkles to coat her house. M & M’s surround her windows. She used frosted mini wheat’s for her roof. I love her red wreath on her door and specially the way she decorated the front of her house using red and green candy melts. Yolanda also used candy ribbons along the side of her house. The sidewalk she used chocolate rock candy.

So Yummy!


Elizabeth’s gingerbread house.


I used the red, white and green sprinkles to coat my house. I used M & M’s for Christmas lights. To trim the windows I used green fondant and put white sprinkles to represent white lights. For the front entry kept it simple and used candy ribbons for the sidewalk and candy drops to outline. My favorite is my roof. I used red candy strips to look like shingles.

Ready for a Latte!


Posing with our Gingerbread Houses from left to right, Yolanda, Kathy, Geneva and Elizabeth

A special thanks to Mary, The Cake Chica for co hosting.




We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!