Phillips Place, Saying Goodbye

Hello my sweet followers! I am saying goodbye and ending my blog. Yes it's time. I have been contemplating this for over a year now. Blogging can be very time consuming and I've developed other interest and I can't do it all! Ha-ha! Which, Dale has pointed out! I will remain on my Instagram if … Continue reading Phillips Place, Saying Goodbye

December DIY, Pot Rack

We love our kitchen, but the lighting isn't great over the kitchen counter. Especially when prepping food. Our previous home had a pot rack with lights, which was a house warming gift from my sister and her family. Luckily we uninstalled it, before it went to the next owner. It's been stored in my garden … Continue reading December DIY, Pot Rack

Bathhouse Plumbing, Paint & Vanity

This is Part Nine, continuation of our bathhouse DIY project! The plumbing has been installed in the bathhouse! It ties into the mobile home plumbing, which is why we placed the bathhouse in this location. All the walls and trim have been painted and vanity installed. The white pipe is for the sewer line. The … Continue reading Bathhouse Plumbing, Paint & Vanity

Bathhouse Shelves, Wood Trim & Vanity

This is Part Eight of our continuation of our Bathhouse DIY project! After the shower was installed Dale covered up the sheetrock seams with brown board that he ripped into 2 inch strips. He also made and installed wood shelves for extra storage and started making the vanity for the bathhouse. In this part of … Continue reading Bathhouse Shelves, Wood Trim & Vanity