Texas Closet

Our latest project! Updating the master closet.


Hello everyone! Our latest project! We just finished updating our master closet. Okay! The closet is not necessarily a Texas size closet, it’s not even a regular walk in closet! I would consider it a half-size walk in closet! Ha-ha! All I can say is, it wasn’t working for us. Dale and I decided to change that and make it user-friendly for us.

Originally the closet had a wire shelf with the rod attached to hang clothes. Funky! Also we could not hang any clothes within fifteen inches from the door opening, because it would interfere with the door closing, which was wasted space.

Dale took the wire shelf out and patched the holes. Afterwards, we sanded the walls to prepare for primer. Painting this small space would be a test for us to see how complicated it will be to paint the rest of the house. The walls are sheet rock with some kind of vinyl over it like wallpaper. We used Zinsser Bulls Eye primer for all projects, suggested by the painting department at Lowes Hardware. (My tip, let the primer cure twenty four hours before you paint.) The day after I primed, Dale painted the walls and it turned out better than I expected. We used Valspar Ultra 2000, High Hide White and believe or not we used one coat! Very pleased with the Valspar Ultra.

My husband made ten shelves for shoes and misc. and a shelf above for extra storage. Originally we had one single rod to hang clothes. Dale installed upper and lower rods using one inch electrical conduit. Now we have a much better closet with more storage! I am happy with the way it turned out!

Original Closet




Original Closet Wire Rack

This type of clothes rod was difficult to move/slide items.

Wire rack removed.

Patching and sanding.

Walls have been primed.


Installing shelves.

Shoe shelves and storage shelf.

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Painting the walls.

Finishing work for the shelves.



Placement for the rod brackets.

Re-using the wire rack for long ware.





Shoe shelves, extra storage space, upper and lower clothes rods.


Finish Closet


Better organize closet


The cost for this project was $100.00. Includes the wood, electrical conduit, primer and paint. By Doing It Yourself you save money!

Remember it doesn’t matter if you have a mobile home closet or not, you can update any small closet. Thank you for visiting!

The Phillips

Last blog, 1987 Bonnell Mobile Home

Dale and I are closing this chapter of our lives and look forward to the next chapter!



Hello everyone!  This will be my last blog about our 1987 Bonnell mobile home renovation!  For the past 5 years we have been remodeling a single wide mobile home and I was amazed how it was turning out!  I’ve learned through this whole process that you can do just about anything to a mobile home as you can with a home on a foundation!  For example, we’ve added walls, moved walls, added floor baseboards and trim!  We’ve replaced floors, kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, toilets, updated all light fixtures, etc.  Dale even replaced the front and back doors with a standard size door.  Did I mentioned paint?  We have definitely done our share of painting!

We were in the last stages of replacing bedroom floors when our home flooded.  We live near the Brazos river and on May 28, 2016 the river went over it’s banks.  The river was already high due to one of the wettest seasons ever, which made it the perfect storm for this historical event to take place.  Most homes in our neighborhood flooded along with many more homes near the Brazos river.

We wish very much that we could finish our renovation.  After evaluating the damages we would have to start all over again!  We cannot physically or financially do that!  Dale and I agreed that we don’t want to go backwards.  You might be wondering like most of our friends and family, “what are we going to do?”  Well, after going over all options we feel the best step is to purchase another mobile home.  We feel this would be the most affordable path to take.  There is a particular model we are looking at and if your willing to stick with us, I will reveal that information later.  You know I gotta keep you in suspense! Ha-ha!

Dale and I are closing this chapter of our lives and we look forward to the next chapter!  I want to take this time to thank everyone for all your words of encouragement and prayers sent our way!  We so appreciate it very much!  Please know that we are doing well.  Throughout this whole situation we have done a lot of soul searching and know that God has a plan for us.  I leave you with pictures of our home and I hope we have inspired you to make your home your own.


DSC_1151 (2)

DSC_0263 (2)

DSC_0260 (2)



DSC_0249 (2)

DSC_1238 (2)

DSC_1154 (2)

Front Door

Standard size doors installed.


DSC_0011_edited-1 (2)

Curb Appeal

DSC_1210 (2)

20140606_192451 (2)

20140524_101544 (2)

Light Fixtures

DSC_1256 (2)




Installed baseboards and trim around doors.

DSC_1265 (4)

Chair Rail

DSC_1270 (2)

Elizabeth’s dressing room/closet.

DSC_1339 (3)


DSC_0973 (2)

DSC_1394 (2)



DSC_1742 (2)

DSC_1188 (2)

DSC_1361 (3)

Kitchen Pantry

 DSC_0199 (2)

DSC_1521 (2)

DSC_1475 (3)


DSC_1307 (3)

DSC_0357 (3)

DSC_0353 (2)

Kitchen Island

DSC_0359 (2)

DSC_1321 (2)

DSC_1517 (2)


DSC_0372 (3)

DSC_1214 (3)

DSC_1441 (2)

DSC_0375 (2)

DSC_1494 (3)

1987 Bonnell Mobile Home

DSC_0408 (3)

Till next time!

“My sun sets to rise again.”- Elizabeth Barrett Browning





Closet/Office Update

We have much more work to do, it’s all the little details that take time.

Dale’s Closet

The closet walls are up! Yay! Primed, painted shelf and clothes rods are installed!

The closet in our bedroom came with a single rod and a regular door, which made it hard to see into the corners of the closet. My husband makes me laugh because whenever he gets ready for the day he seems to wear the same shirts and pants. Ha-ha! I realize he grabs whatever he sees in front of him, the clothes at the end get ignored. Dale’s new closet will be more functional. The new closet has upper and lower clothes rods for more hanging and we plan to install a bi-fold door for a better view. Dale’s new closet is access from the hall now, instead of the bedroom.

You might be wondering why not fix the closet in the bedroom.? The closet is located at the end of the room opposite the entry. The plan is to take that closet out so that we can move our bed at the end of the room away from the entry door. Moving our bed there will give us more space for two night stands. (more storage)

Cutting out the wall for new closet.

Closet Frame


DSC_1112 (2)

Closet walls.

Primed and painted.

DSC_1132 (2)

Closet rods installed.

DSC_1176 (2)

Dale’s closet.

DSC_1181 (2)


I am excited to tell you the office walls have also been primed and painted! I am leaving one wall unpainted, I plan to paint later with an accent color. We even installed the plank walls and they look great! We still have much more work to do, it’s all the little details that take time. I am feeling good about our progress and will update you as we move along with our home renovations.

Original look.

Demolishing the closet.

Old floors.


Preparing for the subfloor.


Foam board insulation.

DSC_1451 (2)

New subfloor.

DSC_1458 (2)

New window and foam board.


Installing insulation and walls.

DSC_1068 (2)

Priming the ceiling.

DSC_1131 (2)

Priming the walls. Dale smiling for you.

Putting up the plank wall. Dale nailed and I cut the planks to size.

Marked studs.

DSC_1163 (3)

Painted the ceiling and walls with Wal-Mart Glidden High Endurance Grab-N-Go Semi Gloss White.

DSC_1171 (2)

We used 3/8 BC Plywood for the plank walls.

DSC_1167 (2)

“If you want to improve your life immediately clean out a closet. Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.”-Cheryl Richardson

Thank you so much for stopping by the Phillips Place.

Home Office Update

We are steadily moving along with the home office. I get excited when things go smoothly! The electrical boxes have been replaced, the future closet has been framed, all the insulation has been installed. The walls have been put up except the window wall, which we plan to plank.

If everything goes well this coming weekend we plan to finish the closet and plank the window wall. So stay tuned!

DSC_1066 (2)

The electrical box for the future closet light.

 Installing insulation in the interior walls for sound proofing.

DSC_1068 (2)

Walls going up!

DSC_1073 (2)

Closet Frame

DSC_1075 (2)

Pass through access for longer items, furniture, etc.

DSC_1110 (2)

Thank you for visiting the Phillips Place! Have a wonderful day!

“Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.” – Booker T. Washington

Elizabeth’s Boudoir

We thought we would be done in a month! It took us four months to complete!

I would like to introduce to you my private dressing room. Before it came to be, originally it was the master bathroom with a big garden tub. This room was open to the master bedroom. My husband and my dad took the big garden tub out and then Dale put up a wall. For a short time this room was my grand daughter’s bedroom. Once she moved out we decided to make this room my boudoir. The room also had a small stand up shower, which was not comfortable to bathe in, we took that out and made it into a closet.

We started this project in October and we thought we would be done in a month! Ha-ha! Funny! It took us four months to complete! We laugh at ourselves because it always takes longer then we want it to. The cost for this project cost $1500.00. Not bad huh! This amount includes wood, paint, nails, screws, hardware, pull handles, Formica and my beautiful light fixtures and faucet. This amount does not include the labor and that is why we do it ourselves. “Without further ado”, as Chip would say on Fixer Upper, enjoy looking through the pictures of my Boudoir!

Entry Way

We plank the entry side of the wall. I did not want any crown molding in this room, I like the raw look.

DSC_1152 (4)

Immediately to the right is the toilet area and closet to hang long ware.

DSC_1154 (3)

DSC_1421 (3)

Shower into a Closet.

DSC_1357 (2)

Immediately to the left of the entry is the built in dresser with upper shelves which are adjustable and below is a shoe rack.

DSC_0967 (2)


DSC_1394 (2)

Dale custom built the dresser to accommodate the air vent below.

DSC_1231 (3)

The end wall, high and low clothes rods, built in drawers and shelves with a door to hide clutter.

DSC_1329 (3)

Install drapes to keep clothes dust free.

DSC_1057 (3)


DSC_1742 (2)

Wainscoting left from our kitchen renovation was used to make the bottom of the drawers.


DSC_1374 (2)

Opposite of the entry is the vanity side plank walls.

DSC_1384 (2)

Beautiful scallop mirror purchased at Lowe’s Hardware.

DSC_1361 (3)

Love the plank walls.

DSC_1070 (3)



DSC_1263 (2)

In order for me to get this shot I had to be in the picture. Me at work.

DSC_1265 (3)

Purchased lighting and faucet at Ferguson’s in Katy, Texas.

Carnations and Hydrangeas

DSC_1111 (3)

DSC_1390 (3)

DSC_0994 (4)

DSC_1107 (3)

DSC_1188 (2)

DSC_1339 (3)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I love everything about this room! My husband did a wonderful job! Many hugs and kisses to my superman! Dale has done an awesome job with all the custom built ins. I now have much more closet space and more shelves for storage.

Walls painted, Behr’s eggshell pure white, Built ins, Behr’s satin Silver Swordplay.

Special thanks to Judy with Ferguson’s. She was so helpful to us, choosing the light fixture and faucet. Special thanks to my sister in law Lyn Phillips she provided the beautiful ceramic sink.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

Sewing Chair

Chris kept the integrity of the chair by not covering the legs!

Hello everyone! Today was the day I was hoping to feature my dressing room. Dale made a last minute change, he wanted to add a door (closet side) where the built in shelves are and shelves to go above the clothes rods. I wanted to wait until it’s completely done to show you. Believe me it will be worth the wait! The room looks fabulous! I will feature the dressing room sometime in February. For now I would like to blog about my chair that will go in my dressing room.

Dale found this chair along the side of the road in someone’s trash. Thank goodness my husband rescued this lovely chair, it’s a sewing chair! When he brought the chair home we carefully opened the chair in hopes of finding some hidden treasure. Ha-ha! We found assorted threads, needles, old patterns and sewing machine parts. The chair is very comfortable to sit on and I use it when I put my makeup on. With the new dressing room coming soon, it’s time for a chair makeover!


I know a friend who is crafty and asked her if she knew anything about recovering chairs and she said she did! When I explain to her about the sewing chair she immediately wanted to take on the project! Her name is Chris Clayton! I showed Chris pictures of the chair and we talked about how she could recover it. I purchased the fabric and completely trusted Chris to do whatever she wanted to do with the chair.


DSC_1197 (2)


Chris kept the integrity of the chair by not covering the legs. The legs are a great feature! I love the simple look and am very pleased with the way it turned out! Another great feature, I can easily take the fabric apart if I need to wash the cover. Chris did an awesome job! I wanted to pay Chris for a job well done but she insisted that I not! Chris said, “You and Dale have been so busy working hard on your renovation, I want to do this for y’all.”  Dale and I feel really blessed that Chris wanted to do this for us, which is why I wanted to mention her in my blog today.

Chris Clayton


Chris thank you so much! Dale and I appreciate you and the job you’ve done to my treasured sewing chair!

 Thank you for visiting Phillips Place Renovations!

“The Heart that Gives, Gathers.” -Tao Te Ching


Dressing Room Transformation

We are down to the wire now! The great reveal coming January 2016!

A lot has happened since you have last seen the dressing room! A couple of things I want to point out! First, my husband added a electrical outlet underneath the vanity for my electric toothbrush, which is really nice because it’s hidden and the cord is not on the counter top. Second, Dale used 1 inch electrical conduit for the clothes rods which is half the price then a wooden rod. Plus it’s much stronger!

We are down to the wire now! This is where I will stop showing pictures for now, till we are completely done with the room. The great reveal February 21, 2016. Meanwhile we have lots to share so keep checking back. Enjoy looking at the pictures below and feel free to leave a comment.

Crown Molding has been applied and painted.

Brackets have been installed for the shelves.

Built-in dresser/shoe rack has been painted.

DSC_0555 (2)

Shelves have been painted and installed.

DSC_0579 (2)

DSC_0580 (2)

I think the electrical conduit looks sharp!

Brace installed for the floating dressing table. Ready for the Formica.

Dale is so smart, he installed an electrical plug underneath the vanity for  my electric toothbrush!


Isn’t she pretty? Her name is Calacatta Marble. Purchased at Cabinetmaker Warehouse.

DSC_0620 (2)

Formica has been installed.


DSC_0649 (2)

The black spotlights have to go!

DSC_0618 (2)

Dale installed Swivel Recessed Lights (Utilitech). Purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement

DSC_0769 (2)


DSC_0771 (2)

Color of the built-ins, Glidden in Silver Swordplay and walls, Behr eggshell Pure White

We so appreciate you stopping by!

“I used to love to play dress-up, where you get your mother’s or your grandmother’s dresses and high heels.” – Suzanne Farrell