Happy Independence Day

Hello and happy fourth of July! I hope you are enjoying your holiday! Dale and I are enjoying some time off from work and projects. Saturday we celebrated at our place with friends and family; we had a Forth of July Concert Jam! We have family members that are musicians and they were excited to come jam together! Wow! What a great way to celebrate! Dale and I love listening to live music and has been a dream for us, having a live band play here at the Phillips Place. We can check that off our bucket list! Ha-ha! Next on our bucket list, movie night! I think that would be great! Will see!

Fourth of July Concert Jam at the Phillips Place

This picture was taken by my daughter Mary Hatton. She took some awesome pictures of our jam! I think she gets her photography from me. Ha-ha! Actually she has exceeded me with her photography! Mary is a blogger too! Check her out! The Cake Chica Thank you Mary!

20170704_153116 (2)

Phillips Place Home

This is my dining room wall. I purchased this clock at Hobby Lobby, it was on sale for 50% off. Wonderful! The wall sconces I purchased at an antique shop for under $20.00. My mother gave me the vintage coffee pot and the tea kettle I found at another antique store and scored a great deal on sale! The green pitcher was a gift and the books were purchased at a thrift store. Cotton stems I bought at Magnolia Silos. Of course it took some time to gather all these items. I always look for great deals and through patience’s can somehow put things together.

20170625_160418 (2)


 For summer I wanted to change this part of my kitchen, so I placed my small collection of these beautiful crocks. I always put a picture above my stove but did not have anything that went well with my décor. I took care of that by painting an abstract art piece, using similar colors of my crocks. My abstract art I’ve named, “Sand & Water.” This was my small DIY project and had fun painting it!

20170623_175707 (2)

Fourth of July Home decor.

This is my fourth of July home decorating. I cut some fresh flowers from my garden and put them in a small vase and placed them on top of a red white and blue runner. That’s it! I really don’t go all out, I think a little goes a long way.

20170703_092745 (2)

Outdoor, Red, White and Blue

I kept it simple even outdoors. I found this star garland at Target, in the dollar section and placed it on my vintage window on my porch.

20170704_091644 (2)

My garden shed vintage window I purchased the red, white and blue flower bouquet at Wal-Mart for under $10.00 and the garland at Target in the dollar section.

20170703_165024 (3)

Have a Happy Fourth of July and wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Dale & Elizabeth Phillips



Texas Closet

Our latest project! Updating the master closet.

Hello everyone! Our latest project! We just finished updating our master closet. Okay! The closet is not necessarily a Texas size closet, it’s not even a regular walk in closet! I would consider it a half-size walk in closet! Ha-ha! All I can say is, it wasn’t working for us. Dale and I decided to change that and make it user-friendly for us.

Originally the closet had a wire shelf with the rod attached to hang clothes. Funky! Also we could not hang any clothes within fifteen inches from the door opening, because it would interfere with the door closing, which was wasted space.

Dale took the wire shelf out and patched the holes. Afterwards, we sanded the walls to prepare for primer. Painting this small space would be a test for us to see how complicated it will be to paint the rest of the house. The walls are sheet rock with some kind of vinyl over it like wallpaper. We used Zinsser Bulls Eye primer for all projects, suggested by the painting department at Lowes Hardware. (My tip, let the primer cure twenty four hours before you paint.) The day after I primed, Dale painted the walls and it turned out better than I expected. We used Valspar Ultra 2000, High Hide White and believe or not we used one coat! Very pleased with the Valspar Ultra.

My husband made ten shelves for shoes and misc. and a shelf above for extra storage. Originally we had one single rod to hang clothes. Dale installed upper and lower rods using one inch electrical conduit. Now we have a much better closet with more storage! I am happy with the way it turned out!

Original Closet




Original Closet Wire Rack

This type of clothes rod was difficult to move/slide items.

Wire rack removed.

Patching and sanding.

Walls have been primed.


Installing shelves.

Shoe shelves and storage shelf.

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Painting the walls.

Finishing work for the shelves.



Placement for the rod brackets.

Re-using the wire rack for long ware.





Shoe shelves, extra storage space, upper and lower clothes rods.


Finish Closet


Better organize closet


The cost for this project was $100.00. Includes the wood, electrical conduit, primer and paint. By Doing It Yourself you save money!

Remember it doesn’t matter if you have a mobile home closet or not, you can update any small closet. Thank you for visiting!

The Phillips

Kitchen Island Part 3


The Plan

  1. Install dishwasher
  2. Install garbage disposal.
  3. Replace and extend counter for a breakfast bar.
  4. Install new sink and faucet.
  5. Add wainscoting and trim to the outside of the island.
  6. Paint.

Finally the last stages for the kitchen island!

We chose a White Single Basin Acrylic drop in sink, 8 1/2 inches deep, deep enough to wash a big pot.

 When I came across the acrylic sinks, I gave the chicken eye!  I have never heard of an acrylic sink!  What was attractive was the advantages! Acrylic sinks are light weight, which makes it easier to install, resist stains, resist chipping and less expensive then a stainless steel and ceramic sinks. Also, looks pretty! I am very happy with our choice!


We chose brushed chrome, single handle pull out faucet, which matches our cabinet handles and light fixtures.

Garbage disposal installed.

Adding the wainscoting and trim makes the kitchen island look so beautiful!

For some reason Whataburger is our go to renovation food!

Now ready for paint!

DSC_0342 (2)

Decker Acrylic Kitchen sink, purchased at Lowe’s. Single handle Chrome Faucet and Garbage Disposal purchased at Lowes.

Our kitchen reveal scheduled for January 31, 2016, hope to see you back!

Thank you for visiting!

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Why Formica? First, inexpensive. Second, easy to install. Third, looks great!

If you can afford granite counter tops then that is the way to go! I love granite but granite was just not in our budget.

Why Formica? First of all, Laminate/Formica is inexpensive. Second, It’s relatively easy to install. Third, laminate looks great! Dale had never worked with Formica before, he learned by watching a YouTube video! It’s wonderful how you can find all kind of DIY projects on the internet.

Tools and supplies needed, contact cement (CC was 50% less at Walmart, then at the popular hardware stores), dowels, roller, and file, trim router and flush trim bit. Tip: make sure to clean the router bit with paint thinner frequently to avoid clue build up.

We purchased the Formica at CabinetMaker Warehouse. They have such a wide selection! We paid $250.00 for the Formica. Supplies we spent roughly $100.00 and another $100.00 on the wood to make the counter tops. Total of $450.00! Verses $3500.00 to install granite counter tops! If your willing to roll up your sleeves and Do It Yourself it will benefit you!

I plan to continue to blog about our kitchen renovation and at the end will give you the grand total. Keep tuning in!

That’s my Superman!

Formica sheet.

DSC_0165 (2)

Have a wonderful day!

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” -Jimmy Johnson

Vinyl Tiles

After reviewing our options we chose Vinyl Tiles, they have held up very well!

Once we replaced the old floors with new plywood, we went over our options on what kind of floor we wanted to install. The home originally had carpet in the living room and bedrooms. The kitchen had linoleum. I wanted hardwood floors, but the expense was expensive and not a good idea for a mobile home, that moves. The area where we live, the ground seems to move a lot. Since we’ve been here, we’ve had to level our home twice. We needed something more flexible.

After reviewing we decided to install vinyl tiles. I am very happy with the tiles, they have held up very well! We live on a dirt road and have had many people go in and out the house! My daughter and her husband moved here, while their house was being built and along with them, their two cats and a big dog! I was so worried that the dog was going to scratch the floors.

When my husband ask me what kind of floors I wanted in my dressing room? I knew I wanted vinyl tiles! He thought I would choose carpet and maybe that would be a good chose, but I really like how easy it is to clean the tiles. To clean you simply use mild soap and water, that’s it! No special cleaners! Vacuuming is easy to! I use a small light weight vacuum cleaner (Dirt Devil) made for floors. It’s easier to pull out and do a quick touch up cleaning! Another reason we pick the tiles it’s affordability!

When you purchase the vinyl tiles they are ready to peel and stick! For extra bonding Dale added vinyl tile glue, which also help seal the wood. After five years the floors still look wonderful!

Installing vinyl tiles, future dining room and kitchen. (Novalis Home Fashion, Naturale Series)

re modeling 112010 066 (2)re modeling 112010 071 (2)

re modeling 112010 067 (2)re modeling 112010 068 (3)

re modeling 112010 070 (2)

Bathroom vinyl tiles, we chose a lighter color.

DSC_1154 (2)DSC_1159 (4)

Future dressing room. (Armstrong, Terraza Grand) purchase at Lowe’s Hardware store.

DSC_0685 DSC_0672 (2)

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