December DIY, Pot Rack

We love our kitchen, but the lighting isn’t great over the kitchen counter. Especially when prepping food. Our previous home had a pot rack with lights, which was a house warming gift from my sister and her family. Luckily we uninstalled it, before it went to the next owner. It’s been stored in my garden shed all this time!

NOW WHY, haven’t we installed it sooner? Ha-ha! Not sure! Dale and I had talked about installing it, from time to time. We finally had it! “Too many cut fingers!”

Figuring where to place the pot rack so is doesn’t hit the cabinet door.

Tapered 1 x 4

Installing the 1 X 4’s to a ceiling stud.

Routing the electrical wire through the inside of cabinet. Dale used an extension cord with a 90 degree plug end on it, for a nice flush look. He also installed the switch for easy access.

The 1 X 4’s have been painted to match the ceiling.

Dale did a good job at concealing the electrical wire.

Pot rack is installed and looks wonderful!

Let there be light!

Now we can see what we’re doing when chopping vegetables or baking cookies!

I was a little worried that the pot rack would look intrusive. It actually looks aesthetic.

“Then God said, Let there be light and there was light.” Genesis 1:3

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