Outdoor Bathhouse Reveal

Our wish list was to have an outdoor bathroom when we moved here. We tend to have big family gatherings and having an outdoor bathroom will be very helpful for relieving traffic in and out of the house. We decided to add a shower, if any guest stay in the River Crest guest house they have a full bath all to themselves.

My daughter and son in law stayed in the guest house for a few months while their home was being built and made use of the bathhouse.

Dale painted the front door red to match the red trim on the building which looks great!

Before & After

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The bathhouse is decorated simply. The cloth shower curtain was from drapes we had in our previous home. You will see different shades of green to go with the blue green vanity.

We love the tin shower and copper plumbing.

Here you can see we installed two rods for the shower. One is for the shower liner and the other is for the cloth curtain. The curtain is longer and I did not want to shorten the length.

We have plenty of shelves for storage.

I purchased the Ivy from our florist in town, it gets plenty of light from the window. The greenery plant looks wonderful here.

We added some art pieces, this print we purchased at an art show in Bastrop, TX.

I found this picture at a antique shop.

The scallop mirror and faucet are recycle items.

This is a new purchase from Walmart and I believe under $10.00.

All the towels are also newly purchased from Walmart.

Dale and I worked on the this outdoor bathhouse during the pandemic and so grateful we had a project like this to keep us busy. Since, I’ve heard that wood and supplies have gone up in price. Happy we did this DIY at the right time!

6 thoughts on “Outdoor Bathhouse Reveal

  1. This looks so good! I love all the different shades of blue and green you used throughout and the fabric you chose for the shower curtain and the window treatments is amazing too. I know it was probably a lot of extra work but it was well worth it. Everything looks fabulous! Hugs, CoCo


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