Queen E’s Garden

This summer I did not plant a vegetable garden and I only planted a few flowers seeds knowing that we would be away most of the summer. It was nice to still make some flowers arrangements with the seeds I planted. I might still be able to make a few more before the heat takes its toll.

I have always been successful planting zinnias and sunflower seeds. They are my favorite flowers to plant and the most colorful! I love that they can handle the Texas heat too!


I planted some zinnias and sunflower seeds this year. The greenery was something new I planted this year called Bachelor Button. It did not flower much, but did produce these long twirly stems!

Here is another little arrangement I made for my night stand.

I’ve been collecting the blue pottery and found this lovely vase (Williamsburg Pottery) at an antique shop. It’s the perfect size for a small arrangement.

Dale and I planted a vegetable flower garden over seven years ago. It has been through two floods and has produced beautiful flowers and our favorite vegetables. Due to the beds rotting we felt it was time to remove them and we also removed the fence. I’m taking a break from gardening for a while. I felt I needed to retreat until I come up with another plan for my garden.

Queen E’s Garden

The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there. – George Bernard Shaw

4 thoughts on “Queen E’s Garden

  1. An amazing “photo shoot!” You have a artistic eye with flower arrangements and color placements. All are gorgeous…would love to have the same bouquet in a vase on my table here in chilly Michigan. Enjoy the summer heat, the summer season is too short!
    Thanks for taking and showing!
    Have a breathtaking autumn……


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