Natchez Trace Moto Trip, Rocky Springs & Baldcypress Swamp

Rocky Springs

It was a short trail walk to get to this spot, which was once a thriving town in 1860, Rocky Springs. Once there, on the right is where the church is located and the cemetary. Left is another trail you can walk where the town was located. It was a very peaceful site and was worth stopping and taking a break from the bike.

Article from the Natchez Trace Travel Website.

The Town of Rocky Springs. At the end of this trail is evidence of a once thriving community. First settled in the late 1790s, the town grew from a watering place along the Natchez Trace, and took its name from the source of that water – the rocky springs. In 1860, a total of 2,616 people lived in this area covering about 25 square miles. The population of the town proper included three merchants, four physicians, four teachers, three clergy and 13 artisans; while the surrounding farming community included 54 planters, 28 overseers and over 2,000 slaves who nurtured the crop that made the town possible – cotton. Civil War, Yellow Fever, destructive crop insects and poor land management brought an end to this once prosperous rural community. Article from the Natchez Trace Travel Website.

After driving many miles and seeing trees and all at once this opened up! A reservoir, a nice view from the road. Of course, we stopped to take another break! While there we saw other motorcyclist traveling and they too were taking a break. We also met an elderly couple sitting in their car looking at the reservoir. She mentioned that they go there to eat their lunch everyday, they are retired. I have to say we met lot’s of friendly people during our travels. It encouraged my belief in humanity.

Image from the Natchez Trace Travel Website

Ross Barnett Reservoir

Tupelo Baldcypress Swamp

Our next pit stop was Tupelo Baldcypress Swamp. A couple of years ago a tornado hit the area and did some damage, which is why it’s closed. I believe maybe because of the pandemic the park has not been tended to. Hopefully by the time I post this, it’s open. Please check if you think you might want to visit. Thankfully I was able to take some pictures of the front part of the swamp. So beautiful, even though you can see some trees and limbs down, due to the tornado.

Have a wonderful weekend! More Moto Adventures to come! The Phillips

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