Bathhouse Final Touches

This bathhouse DIY project was one of our longest to finish! So many details went into this project. From setting the building and raising it above flood stage, building the porch, installing the plumbing and all the construction to the inside of the building! So much more to list! I’m going to show you pictures from where we left off, which was the vanity, then continue from there each step to the final touches! I meant to show the reveal of the bathhouse by now, but realized that I hadn’t shared the pictures of all the details yet! Reveal coming soon!

Dale is in the final steps, installing the vanity. He constructed the vanity himself with CDX plywood, which is less expensive.

We purchased the 36 inch vanity top at Lowe’s.

Dale installs 3 sets of self closing hinges, due to the door being thick & wide.

The inside will hold plenty of storage.

If your wondering about the paint color, it’s called, “Dale’s Blend” Ha-ha! We had extra green and blue paint from previous projects and he mixed the two colors together! Blue-Green!

We purchased the toilet from Lowe’s.

Toilet installation.

We found this Honeywell ceiling fan on Amazon. I like the design and it has short blades, which we needed for the pitched ceiling.

Dale found the bathhouse light fixtures and accessories on Amazon for $50.00.

Towel rack installed inside shower.

Small round rack for hand towel, installed by the vanity wall.

Toilet paper holder.

I was happy to find this long handle, which goes well with this wide door.

Found these gate valves at Lowes, but could not find a valve with a blue knob at the time.

I was so happy to find a blue knob while antique shopping! I know it doesn’t match the red, but like it anyway!

Dale found this stainless steel shelf for the shower, from Amazon.

I’m happy I kept these curtains from my previous home. I plan to re use the fabric for the shower and window curtains.

The scallop mirror is another piece we saved from our previous home.

Dale found this free faucet someone was throwing away. I do plan to replace with a new faucet later when funds are available.

Outdoor Bathhouse Reveal! Coming soon!

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