Air Plants, Succulents & More

What’s on your window sill? Lately! I’ve been enjoying the succulents on my window sill! Two months ago my daughter moved into the River Crest Guest house, while their home is being built. She brought with her these beautiful succulents, hens & chick plants for me to babysit. I knew right away where I would put them! My window sill of course, along with my mini cactus & air plant. The air plant is new to me! Dale & I where at an antique shop and they had a little section of air plants displayed. The store owner mentioned that they’re easy to care for and they don’t need soil. Very intriguing! I thought maybe this air plant would be perfect for the outdoor bathhouse, which I plan to move there later.

I have to say the store owner was right! The air plant is very easy to care for! Once a week I simply lift the plant from it’s cholla wood and lightly water the roots, right from my kitchen sink.

Go here for more information about Air Plants

The kitchen window receives the perfect light for these plants.

The kitchen counter beside the sink, I have my green crock that I found at Goodwill and my salt & pepper shakers (Better Homes & Gardens) a walmart find. The green goes well with the succulent plants on the window sill.

Isn’t this air plant lovely?

I had Dale lift this plant while I took the picture so you can see the roots. You can spray mist the plant, or run some water like I do to give it a drink.

Dale always keeps his fingernails clean, he made the perfect hand model for this shot! Ha-ha!

I cut a couple of ivy stems to root so I can plant later. I love reusing glass bottles for vases.

Go here to see our DIY window sill and kitchen remodel.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Until next time, Elizabeth

“The eyes are the windows of the soul.” – Thomas Phaer

6 thoughts on “Air Plants, Succulents & More

  1. Love the faded green outside background that shows through the Texas windowpane. Is like a mirage of faint color that accents your windowsill of succulents. Pictures are summer gorgeous! Thanks for always offering beauty to your followers….


  2. Beautiful photos. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing your finds. You have a knack for finding lovely things without spending a lot of money!


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