Moto Travel Adventure Natchez, MS

As much as Dale and I love remodeling & me decorating our home! We also love having some adventures along the way! When we purchased our home property over 10 years ago, we’ve been busy, busy renovating and working the lot we have to make it livable. Happy to say we are in a place of slowing down a bit. Of course there is always a home project to do! Ha-ha! I don’t think that will ever end!

This year Dale and I are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary and we wanted to do something special! In honor of our anniversary we took time off from home projects and decided to travel this summer! We had such a wonderful time and I wanted to share some of our adventures with you! I plan to post a series of our trip, throughout the next few months. I hope you will enjoy!

For months we had been planning a motorcycle trip and it began Memorial Weekend! By the time it was all over, we rode 2700 miles on the FJR! (FJR1300 Yamaha Motorcycle) Wow! I can’t believe we did it! We had a great adventure and I will never forget it! From where we live we headed to Natchez MS, which took a day. From there we rode the Natchez Trace Parkway, which is 444 miles to Franklin, TN, then we rode to North Carolina, Suches, GA. and then back to Natchez, MS. to home. Once back home, we rested a few weeks, then headed to Colorado! Today’s post is all about Natchez! This was my first visit there and I absolutely enjoyed it so much!

When we left home it was raining, we started that day wearing our rain gear. Thank goodness after about an hour into our ride, it stopped raining!

Our first night we stayed at the Guest House, an Antebellum Mansion circa 1840. Located central downtown Natchez. We stayed in one of the smaller rooms, but the room was beautiful and comfortable.

The hotel offers breakfast for guest and they have a restaurant, opened to the public.

The Guest House has beautiful french style courtyard and expansive porches. Do you see what I see?

Even though the room is small it doesn’t lack in comfort and style. We enjoyed staying in this room.

Look at this four poster bed and canopy! I love everything about this! Beautiful fabric!

The drapes are gorgeous.

I love all the details, the pictures and decor pieces, feels like home.

Even the bathroom was beautifully decorated! Love the chandelier lights!

We rode over this bridge to get to Natchez. Mississippi River is the most beautiful river, I believe in America!

We spotted a few of the red poppies blooming, which was neat to see because we don’t have poppies where I live.

From our hotel we walked to the restaurant along this steep hill down.

We ate at The Camp Restaurant and the hamburgers and fries were delicious! Of course we had to try their hot fudge brownie!

The Camp Restaurant

It was Sunday when we arrived to Natchez. Shops were closed and because of that there was hardly any traffic. We walked all around town and saw some beautiful buildings, built in the 1800’s. You will see most of the porches have beautiful wrought iron railings and columns. Picture below is a good example. Absolutely beautiful!

I was in awe when we saw this beautiful church steeple!

In 1842, construction began on St. Mary Minor Basilica, the first cathedral for the Roman Catholic diocese of Mississippi .

Looks like St. Mary’s is having some renovation done, we all know what that’s like.

It’s amazing to see all the details! Such a beautiful church!

Dale and I saw this Triumph Motorcycle on display, which I love Triumph motorcycles! They have a vintage look that other bikes don’t have.

As we were walking back to our hotel we saw this beautiful quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

Back at our hotel. Guest House.

Dale and I enjoyed Natchez even though it was just for a day! Beautiful buildings built in the 1800’s. Love the architectural textures of old brick and stones. The wrought iron railings, columns, history and food! Wonderful!

I believe we will be back, The Phillips

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