Setting the Table

Hello and happy summer! I hope your enjoying your summer wherever you are! We just got back from our summer vacation! From Colorado! I am definitely missing the weather there, low humidity, cooler mornings and evenings. Here in Texas it’s hot, but happy to say we’re getting those late afternoon showers, which helps cool things down a bit.

Do you love setting a table? I love to set a table even if it’s just Dale and I. I learned this years ago from my mother in law, who always sets a table with placemats, napkins and dishware before dinner. It was a ritual every evening. I’ve continued this tradition until this day. No matter how small a meal (even if it’s just a sandwich) I always set the table. It’s all about presentation! Looking through the photos you will notice I use the same placemats and dishes. The key is to interchange what you have for variety. Adding fruit or flowers to my to table setting compliments the tablescape. Sometimes I’ll add a piece you least expect, like a recipe box or Matryoshka dolls to my table setting just for fun! I usually keep it simple, but depending on the occasion, I sometimes go all out! πŸ˜‰

During our Spring vacation we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in Kosciusko, MS. The Maple Terrace Inn. Here is a picture of this beautiful table setting. We all felt so special and enjoyed our breakfast in style that morning.

I dedicate this post to my daughter’s grandmother Mary, for inspiring me in so many ways.

Being productive doesn’t mean that you “do all the things.” It means you’ve carefully chosen what is Important and keep your focus there.

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