Bathhouse Plumbing, Paint & Vanity

This is Part Nine, continuation of our bathhouse DIY project! The plumbing has been installed in the bathhouse! It ties into the mobile home plumbing, which is why we placed the bathhouse in this location. All the walls and trim have been painted and vanity installed.

The white pipe is for the sewer line.

The hot & cold water lines run through the two inch PVC pipe to protect the lines.

Inside plumbing for the vanity and toilet

The first coat of paint.

Second coat of paint.

Painted Wood Trim



Once, Dale painted the final coat of paint, I got very excited! Now it’s really coming together nicely! Can’t wait to show the reveal!

Vanity, primed & test fit.

In this picture Dale is hooking up the plumbing before the final installation.

Again this is a test fit for the plumbing, the vanity will be taken back out for its final coat of paint.

It’s coming together nicely, so stay tune!

3 thoughts on “Bathhouse Plumbing, Paint & Vanity

  1. It looks…..”Plumb Good!” Can hardly wait for the finish job and the “finish look.” Adding a little wallpaper to complete the design? Just a thought….

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