Bathhouse Shelves, Wood Trim & Vanity

This is Part Eight of our continuation of our Bathhouse DIY project! After the shower was installed Dale covered up the sheetrock seams with brown board that he ripped into 2 inch strips. He also made and installed wood shelves for extra storage and started making the vanity for the bathhouse. In this part of our DIY project there is lots of finishing detail work that has to be done.

Dale is cutting 5/8 inch exterior plywood to make trim and shelves. He used this type of plywood because it is inexpensive.

Ledger boards installed.

Window wood trim installed.

Installing the plywood trim in the shower area.

Caulking finish work in the shower area.

Dale is cutting wood pieces for the future vanity.

The finish work on the vanity door. Dale used leftover beadboard from a prior projects.

Dale used light weight spackle to cover the screw holes. The corner screws will be covered with trim.

Caulking and prepping for paint.

Painting begins!! Stay tuned!

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