Media Room Wood Shutters

Happy Monday! Today I am bringing you another DIY project! Our media room has one window and Dale made some beautiful wood shutters, vs. curtains. The wood shutters offers a complete black out to the room. It’s best to block out any natural light for a media room just like the movie theaters! The wood shutters does the trick! Dale collected some free wood from a wood pile that someone was getting rid of. Isn’t it awesome when you can find something that you can either reuse or recycle!? Go here to see another DIY project from trash to treasure!

Dale used 1 inch steel square tubing to make the frames, which he welded together. He use to work in a welding shop, where he learned this skill.

Dale glued and screwed the wood to a piece of brown board to hold the white pine slats.

Here you can see the screws.

One side of the shutter insert is done.

Dale finished sanding the shutter insert.

Dale is not wearing the mask because of covid. You should always wear a mask when sanding.

When Dale designed the media room, he envisioned this design for the shutters.

Dale is fitting the steel frame to the window.

Dale is installing the steel frames.

This is the finished wood insert to be installed in one frame. Dale used ebony stain for the finish look.

Dale is installing the wood insert into the frame.

Dale screwed the insert into the metal frame from the backside. The back of the shutters will have to be painted.

The back (facing outside) of shutters have been painted to match the wall color.

Shutters installed.

Latch to close shutters.

Dale painted the screws black, originally silver.

Dale mentioned that this project was very enjoyable! Shutters are done and the media room is complete! Recap of the media room coming soon!

“My favorite journey is looking out the window.” – Edward Gorey

3 thoughts on “Media Room Wood Shutters

  1. Love the Chevron Shutter Treatment! Is totally AWESOME! You and Dale have a truly unique style that makes us “Wheel Estate” owner’s eager to try and emulate! Love all your ideas, project directions given and photo shots during and finishing of the work. One thought:
    You could paint the window frame black which would hide the hinges and maximize the steel shutter frames. (FYI the hinges are drawing the eye to their placements)
    I’ve been following your blog since your beginning, so, I’m not criticizing or fault finding, just being objective and supportive! I’ve loved, loved, loved every idea you both have created
    and brought to fruition …every idea!!


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