A Year of Home Design

Last year I challenged myself to post a monthly home decor! 😉 I had fun decorating my home while on a budget! I pretty much shopped my home and tried as much as possible not to spend money. This challenge made me post on a regular basis, which kept me disciplined and gave me something to look forward to each month! Have you made any challenges for yourself this year? This post is a collection of some of my home decorating ideas. Enjoy!


For the month of January, I printed a free calendar and framed it. I love using natural elements like dried flowers and pinecones. The pinecones were free and the dry flowers I purchased at a shop, very inexpensively. The teacups I purchased at a antique shop for under $5.00, the year before. The greenery you see on top of the hutch, was left from my Christmas decor in 2019. This year I used the same greenery to make my Christmas wreath, I hung up in the dining room. The idea is to reuse what you already have and by doing that you save money and recycle what you have.

Another inexpensive decor tip is when you purchase fresh fruit display them in pretty bowls.

2020 Christmas Wreath

Below is a picture of my hutch I decorated in December 2019. The sugared fruit vine you see below the hutch, was used to make my christmas wreath this year, you see above.


All the decor pieces you see I shopped my house, with the exception of the heart vine greenery. Isn’t this heart plant beautiful?! I was browsing a shop in Rosenberg, TX. (Portilla Home & Garden) They have unique pieces of furniture and creative potted plants. Their website is http://www.portillahg.com/ if you want to check them out.

A fun vignette to put together!


Most pieces you see here from the vintage chandelier to the original painting on the wall, I purchased at antique shops. I like buying items that are a little unusual, pieces that are unique to me. I do have a limit to what I will spend though.


Something you didn’t know about me! I love the color green! I found these beautiful dishes years ago and I use them regularly.


Another favorite color! I love blue! In my home decor, I always make sure to have some kind of fresh plant displayed. Dale surprised me with this beautiful plant! I love the deep green & purple colors, which I put inside a blue ceramic pot.

Bringing in fresh cut flowers from the garden is so rewarding! Lemons displayed in a small bowl, perfectly simple.


June is when we enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and having our meals out on the back porch is a treat! Mixing vintage with new pieces works well. The vase and blue glass hen, works well with the Better Homes & Gardens dish set, purchased at WalMart.


You will always find some kind of plant or flowers on my window sill. I use clear small glass vases and cut zinnias from the garden. Perfect & Simple.

I found the green crock at Goodwill. Again, I love using fresh fruit to decorate with! I picked up a couple of green tomatoes, which I will make fried green tomatoes later!

Fried Green Tomatoes


Fresh flowers and natural elements with books & things, preparing for the end of a season and a beginning of another.

The month of August my zinnias are in full bloom! I cut plenty of long stems and bunch them together to create this flower arrangement.


September is always one of our busiest months as we get back into our fall schedule, but I always make time to add some beauty to our home.


For my fall home decor, I look forward to grabbing some pumpkins from the grocery store to display.

Keeping fresh baked goodies on the island is a must!


This flower arrangement, I made using some of my dried zinnias and this dried Texas native plant (rattlesnake masters).

The brushed chrome candle stick holders, I’ve had for years! I purchased at a shop for under $20.00. I love bringing these out once in a while to decorate with.


This winter I purchased a couple blue spruce trees and the wood carved Mr. & Mrs. Santa for $5.00! Every year I add a few pieces to my Heritage Collection plates, sold at WalMart.

I hope you enjoyed my year of home design! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!

Until next time, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “A Year of Home Design

  1. Hi Elizabeth!  This post is so lovely and so full of great decor ideas!  I will certainly check out the shop in Rosenberg … that’s my hometown though I haven’t lived there for many years.  I also love your round wood block that you use as a pedestal for decor.  Adds a nice warm touch.  Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

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    • Hello Carolyn! I use to live in Rosenberg many years ago too, but I’m still close enough to visit! I love the antique shops there! I try to go at least twice a year. It’s changed! Surrounded by lots of subdivisions and HWY 59 has many stores. 😉 Thank you so much for your compliments! Have a blessed week!

      Liked by 1 person

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