Bathhouse Walls

Part Six! Last post was all about the plank ceiling, go here to check it out. In this post, Dale continued installing the rest of the insulation and sheetrock to all the walls! Plus the plumbing has been installed! I have lots of pictures! As you can see, Dale has been a very busy man!

If you look closely you can see the copper pipe for the shower.

In this step, Dale applied 3/8th plywood on this part of the wall, where the shower will be installed, which will make it easier to mount or screw, (soup dish & towel rack) anywhere he wants without being concerned about trying to find a stud. Followed with waterproof sheetrock.

For the shower area Dale installed waterproof sheetrock.

Waterproof sheetrock for the shower.

Sheetrock has been completed for the front wall.

Sheetrock has been completed on the vanity side of the wall.

Dale is building the wall frame for the back of the shower. The measurements for the shower is 36 X 36.

Sheetrock has been completed for the shower area.

Dale plans to install shelves in the small cove next to the window.

It’s getting closer to being finished!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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