Bathhouse Ceiling

This is part five of our DIY project for the outdoor bathhouse. Ceiling is being installed!

Below is a picture of ceiling before.

Dale added 2 x 4’s to make 2 foot centers.

Insulation has been added.

OSB 7/16th sheathing was then installed.

In order to complete the ceiling we had to finish the two upper tringle walls with insulation and sheetrock. We used all the insulation and sheetrock we had to prevent from having to store it somewhere, which is why we were able to complete one wall.

Sheetrock being applied to the north wall.

One wall finished! Three to go!

We used plywood that we ripped into 6 inch strips, which we painted before we installed the planks to the ceiling.

As you can see the outlet is not flushed or seems not covered.

Dale used a 2 x 6, cut a round hole, which will mount to the electrical outlet and cover the seems.

Dale cut a 30 degree angle to fit the ceiling perfectly.

Installing the center piece, last step!

The electrical outlet is flushed.

The ceiling is now complete! Yay! Ha-ha! I am very happy with the ceiling! I love the rough plank look and once everything is done it’s going to look wonderful, so be sure to stay tuned!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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