November Home Decor

Hello and welcome to my home! It’s the week of Thanksgiving! We celebrated ours on Saturday with a small gathering. We usually have it the day of Thanksgiving, but my sister in law who is a nurse has to work on Thanksgiving. It was nice to see our loved ones! It seems like everything was normal again if you know what I mean. Now we have a whole week to ourselves! Ha-ha! Dale and I have been away every weekend since the end of September adventuring on the motorcycle! One weekend we traveled in our vehicle for some hiking, ONLY because the bike was in the shop for new tires and a tune up! Ha-ha! Had a blast! But this week! We plan to do a little work on the outdoor bath house, which we’ve been putting off. šŸ˜‰

For my November home decor, I’m using natural elements and happy to show off my crochet pumpkins that my neighbor Neddy made! I love handmade crafts! Thank you Neddy! Your a wonderful neighbor and a good friend!

I’ve made it a point not to spend much on decorating this year. I’ve shopped the house and used some of my fall decor from last fall. Tell me what you think of these cute pumpkins!



I collected the leaves from Eureka Springs while visiting there in October!

Aren’t these pumpkins lovely? šŸ™‚

The plates I purchased last year at Walmart.

Dried flowers from the garden. Roses & Zinnias.

I collected the sweet gum balls while visiting the Tyler Rose garden this summer.

Even though this is the top of the hutch I like to decorate too! Just a few pinecones and dried flowers to complete this.

I saved these wine bottles from our Anniversary. The labels are colorful and remind me of fall. I inserted dried silver dollar eucalyptus.


View from the kitchen. I replaced my orange pumpkin with this ceramic pumpkin. I still like to use pumpkins for my fall decor up until the end of November.

Pumpkin cutting boards I purchased from Target, the dollar section last year. Avon salt & pepper shakers.

I filled this glass jar with dried rose & zinnia petals.

While we were on lockdown I started making these mini 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 pastel paintings. Pastels is a new medium for me. Not as easy as I thought it would be, but I am loving it! I’m hoping to do a series of these and plan to sell next year.

Of course! I always love to display some kind of arrangement on my window sill! šŸ™‚ I purchased this mini succulent from Brookshire Brothers. My daughter wanted to know if it was real?! Yes it’s real! You can purchase faux succulents, easily at most home decor stores. I filled a coffee creamer pitcher with some dried zinnias & lavender.


I love this checkered vinyl table cloth I found at the fabric department at Walmart. I had it cut to size and I believe it was under fifteen dollars! Beautiful soft gray and beige.

Pumpkin stems I purchased a couple of years ago and more dried zinnias and rattlesnake masters native plant.


We had such a great time in Arkansas! Beautiful state and wonderful roads for motorcycle riding! Eureka Springs was one of our pit stops, many shops to shop and lots of people walking along the sidewalks, we took some time to rest here in one of the not so busy streets.

Special thanks to Dale’s Aunt Melba and the Carter family for making these T-shirts for Dale and I. They live in Oklahoma and we met for lunch while on our way to Arkansas. Love you guys very much! We love wearing our T-shirts!

Dale posing with the FJR.

Another motorcycle adventure to put in the book of memories!

Have a blessed week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time, The Phillips

8 thoughts on “November Home Decor

  1. As always, loved the “Autumn Scenes” and the thankful way in which you arranged and photographed each…impressive! I enjoy following you and Dale at your home or on the road. The “biking experience” looked fun and relaxing.
    Does “Neddy” take orders for the handcrafted/crocheted pumpkins? If so, would order!
    Have a grateful and thankful Thanksgiving Day!


  2. Love your natural and simple decor. It makes your home so welcoming. Thanks for sharing your road trips as well.
    Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe.


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