Outdoor Bathhouse AC

Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve! Well in this post, we are installing an air condition. But! Before we can do that, we had to install some kind of window! We realized! We should’ve ordered an extra window when we placed our order for this building! Another step we could’ve done, was to install the window and AC when the building was first set up before we raised the building! Dale had to work from a ladder! Not fun!

We purchased a window from Lowes and Dale plans to place the window unit in the upper part of the window.

Taking the window apart to remove the top portion of the glass.

Fitting the new frame for the AC. Dale used 3/4 plywood to make the frame.

Cutting the hole for the AC.

Brackets to hold the AC to the wood frame.

The wood frame was painted white to match the window metal frame.

Back of the bathhouse before installing AC.

Dale had already framed in for the window, before we removed the metal.

Dale trimmed the metal panel to frame the window.

Nailing in the window.

Window installed.

AC has been installed. Inside picture.

Finished DIY project.

So happy we finished this part! It’s going to be nice having AC when we work on the inside of the building.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time, The Phillips

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Bathhouse AC

  1. Outstanding work and blog! I love seeing your decorating posts as well as seeing Dale’s mad skills at building. You really have a little piece of heaven there! πŸ™‚


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