Power to the Bathhouse

I know Dale and I have been MIA! In the fall when the weather cools down a bit we venture out, on our motorcycles! I will try to post about that later! Today! It’s all about bringing power to the bathhouse! Ha-ha! Let there be light! This is the fourth DIY post about the bathhouse. Were working on this project as funds come available, so definitely taking a little longer to finish.

Power line to the house.

Dale drilled a hole at the bottom floor for the electrical main power supply.

When you purchase a building they are not sealed, Dale filled the gaps with spray foam.

Box for the future light fixture over the vanity.

It’s important to layout your switch boxes and outlet boxes where you want them.

Future ceiling fan/overhead light.

Temporary work light.

We even planned an outside outlet for future Christmas lights/walkway lights. Good to be prepared! The bottom box is the outside outlet.

Outside outlet installed.

You can see the wire for the porch light fixture.

Outdoor light fixture installed. We used the same fixture to match the back porch and the guest house.

Now we have power!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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