Bathhouse Stairs & Rails

Constructing the stairs and rails! This is part three to finishing the outdoor bathhouse! Were hoping to be done with this project by the end of year! Maybe! Will see! Ha-ha! We’ve been busy with other things in life lately. I promise to keep you up to date as soon as I can!

Below is a picture of one of the stringers being set up. I think this was the hardest part for us because we were a little unsure of the proper measurements to cut the stringers. Some how it all worked out!

Dale is sawing the stringer, three all together.

We used 2 x 6’s for the treads. This was the quickest part!

Next! We worked on constructing the porch rails.

Dale installed 4 x 4 post for the future handrails. The not so fun part is digging the holes!

We used 2 x 4’s for spindles. The spindles was Dale’s idea! I wasn’t sure about how they would look, I thought they might look too bulky but actually they look great! More than anything it just saved us some time nailing the wider boards, then nailing the ready made thinner spindles.

For the two hand rails we wanted them to be nice and smooth so we used brown synthetic deck boards. (ripped to fit) which will prevent anyone from getting splinters. The stairs are 36 inches wide, a comfortable width.

This DIY project took us a couple of days to finish. It always helps when you have two people who can get into the groove and get it done quickly! I didn’t take any pictures of us working on the stair rail spindles, we were busy measuring, cutting and nailing, ha-ha! We were in the mode of finishing up! As you can see the front porch is now complete and it looks fantastic! Now that this part is done we will be able to work on the inside of the building! Stay tune! More to come!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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