Outdoor Covered Bathhouse Porch

Hello and welcome to the Phillips Place! This is part two of our DIY bathhouse project! After raising the outdoor bathhouse building, Dale started working on the porch, which will be 5 X 5. One of the reasons we wanted a small porch is to make it easier for our guest to have some where to stand if the bathroom is occupied.

Picture below, (supporting the handrail corner post) to save material and to keep from digging two more holes, Dale used a piece of angle iron to support the post.

Preparing the other handrail corner post.

Installing the floor boards.

Dale is installing a 2 x 6 on the building to support and fasten the future tin roof. Below you can see the porch pad, finished and it looks great!

Tin roof being installed.

The tin roof has been installed and the porch is finished! It looks great! Dale did an awesome job as always!

Still more to come! Stay tuned!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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