Outdoor Bathhouse

Hello and welcome to the Phillips Place! Today I am posting about our next major project! Dale and I have always wanted an outdoor bathroom! We’ve had quite a few family members gather here, usually up to 30 people or more! I think they love it here, because it’s their chance to get away from the city! We live in a small country community where everything here slows down and when company comes over, they love to hang out, outdoors. Having an outdoor bathroom will prevent from too many people going in and out of the house. We plan to have a full bath, yes with a shower! Having a full bath will also benefit our guests, staying in the guest house.

We set up the building in this location, which is located at the back corner of the home, for the reason that it makes it easier for us to access the plumbing. We also plan to raise this building. If you’re wondering why we’re raising the building, it’s because we flooded here in 2016 and 2017. Thank goodness we followed all the counties guide lines, when setting up our home in 2016. We made sure the installer’s raised our home above the flood line. Luckily, when Harvey hit in 2017 our home did not flood.

Future Bathhouse

We used a jack to raise the building. This step required a lot of patience.

Slowly going up!

At this point we reached the height we planned, which is above the flood line. Dale plans to install 4 X 6 beams that the building will be supported on.

Dale dug a hole 24 inches deep, six beams in all set in concrete.

Dale installed hurricane straps on the underside of the building.

This is a lateral brace for extra support.

The building is now complete as far as the height and support.

Next step! Installing a small porch!

We haven’t had any family gathering’s here due to the covid-19, but we are looking forward to the day, when we can all get together again! Hopefully the bathhouse will be ready! πŸ˜‰

Be sure to check back to see the transformation!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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