August Home Decor

Hello and welcome to my home! We are in the heat of summer and I’m loving it! I also love getting up early Saturday mornings to water the garden, it seems to be the most peaceful time. Like it’s own little world, when the butterflies, birds and the bees are fluttering around in it’s quietness. I even spotted some hummingbird’s too! It doesn’t take much to bring me joy! Ha-ha!

Being out in the garden this morning inspired me to cut a bunch of zinnias from the garden and some greenery to make a summer flower arrangement. They look wonderful on my dining room buffet. I added a couple of sea shells and a mini beach pastel painting, representing summer!


I was inspired to paint this mini pastel painting from a picture I took while on vacation. Folly Beach, South Carolina.

The vintage lantern goes well with the glass lamp, one of my favorite decor pieces.

To make this easy flower arrangement, I used a couple of glass vases to hold the flowers inside the tin planter.

I placed some dried rose buds in this small bowl pedestal with the shells, natural elements that complement each other.

Wishing you a fun and safe summer!

Until next time, Elizabeth

8 thoughts on “August Home Decor

  1. Elizabeth, you are a “perfect designer/stager” that could be hired at any “chic/trendy” home magazine….you should apply for the position as you are so good! The milk glass mixed with clear glass, then the elements of tin and wood, with burlap….yes, the Zinnias were displayed with “pomp and circumstances!”


  2. I share your idea of simplistic joy. Your zinnias are beautiful! Love the shells and hand painted memory. Lovely; thank you for sharing.


  3. Beautiful flowers from your garden. Love the bright colors! The wood tree trunk riser (not sure of the correct term) is a nice natural element. Love your pretty room!


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