Kitchen DIY Shelf

Hello! I wanted to pop in today to show you our latest simple quick DIY project! Sometimes it’s fun to work on an easy project, that doesn’t take a lot of time! Don’t you agree? Last year, we installed our kitchen back-splash with bead board and I didn’t have the heart to nail a hole on the wall above the kitchen stove. I usually like to display a picture there and love to change it out seasonally. I mentioned to Dale if he thought it would be a good idea to add a shelf there? He informed me that we still have some faux wood left, from our last hallway shelf project. Perfect! The faux wood will match our kitchen cabinetry!

Dale and I are getting the wood pieces we need to make the small shelf, which will be 20 inches long and 3 inches deep.

The picture below is the shelf we made for the hallway. It’s similar to this.

Go here to see the shelves we made for the hallway.

Making this shelf took less than 30 minutes! Once the shelf was done we waited for the wood glue to dry before installing.

The shelf is finished and better yet, it matches the kitchen cabinetry.

I am very happy with my new shelf. This DIY shelf will make it easier to display pictures of different sizes or platters. I am displaying one of my paintings I’ve painted recently.

Since we’ve been staying home more, I’ve been spending some time painting with acrylics and pastels. If you would like to paint these beautiful hydrangea’s, go to Debbie Avous Studio on You Tube. I had a good time painting along with Debbie! πŸ˜‰

The outdoor bathroom is our next big project coming soon!

Phillips Place Outdoor Bathroom

Stay well, until next time, Elizabeth

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