July Home Decor, Flowers From The Garden

Hello and welcome to my home! July’s home decor is all about flowers from the garden! I’ve been cutting fresh flowers from the garden and making bouquets and placing them everywhere around the house. It’s been a pleasure! Maybe you will be inspired to make some flower arrangements for your home. Enjoy!

Summer Garden 2020

Summer Garden 2018

Kitchen Island

Cinco De Mayo & Julia Child Roses.

The two photographs below I took while visiting the The Antique Rose Emporium located in Brenham, Texas. I framed them to display in the guest bedroom.

Visiting garden centers can be very inspiring. Although these beautiful flowers are not from my garden, I love that I can simply take a photo and implement them in my home decor.

Guest Bedroom


My kitchen window sill is the perfect spot to display flowers.

I couldn’t resist these beautiful green tomatoes. Fried green tomatoes for breakfast! My favorite!

Go here to see last summers blog post.

Goodman-Leland House & Museum in Tyler, Texas

Until next time, the Phillips

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