June Home Decor

Hello and welcome to my home! I hope you are savoring the beginning of summer, it always seems to go by way to fast! This summer, Dale and I are not planning a vacation due to the Covid-19. That means staycation for us! πŸ˜‰ What about you? Any summer plans?

My 2020 blogging goal is to post some kind of home decor each month and it’s been fun! I honestly don’t always know what I will come up with! It’s been a challenge sometimes, but I look forward to it! So for this month! I thought it would be nice to show off my red, white and blue BH&G dishware, in honor of Fourth of July! I purchased these plates at Walmart, one of my favorite places to shop.

I seriously have not purchased any decor pieces in months, I simply shopped my house. I picked up these mini red roses from HEB for under $4.00! The vases you see were given to me from a dear friend of mine who past away over a year ago. She knew I liked white ceramics. Setting these out makes me think of her.

Grapevine milk glass pitcher set, top of hutch. Pottery blue stripe collection placed at the bottom of hutch.

Lower shelf, another pottery pitcher along with blue and white ceramics.

The red roses brings out the dishware’s red rim.

Better Homes & Gardens dish set.

I had fun putting this together for my June home decor, it was simple, easy and very therapeutic!

Tyler Rose Garden, Tyler Texas

Be sure to take the time to smell the roses! Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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