Guest House Floors & Kitchenette

We are getting close to the guest house reveal! But before I post the reveal I wanted to show you some small DIY projects we did first!


Flooring is the foundation to any home, but for now, Dale wanted something fast, easy and inexpensive! He mixed a little stain with polyurethane to seal the floors. After Dale finished the floors, both my granddaughter and I gave our approval!

My granddaughter will be staying in the guest house for a while, I can imagine she will throw some throw rugs on the floor and it will look great!

The floors are sealed.

Kitchen Counter Top

Adding a kitchenette will provide an area to prepare meals and also add some storage space.

Dale used 2 x 4’s and OSB to make a frame for the kitchen counter.

Since the room is pretty neutral we wanted the kitchen counter to pop with color! Dale shopped his workshop, to see what paint colors we had on hand. We have accumulated a collection of paint colors from previous projects. He custom made this pretty blue-green color! I love it! Even better! We did not have to spend any money on paint! Yay! 😉

For the counter sides he used bead board, leftover from our ceiling project.

Below, Dale is making a riser shelf for the small fridge we plan to install. All leftover materials we had on hand.

For the counter top we purchased 5/8’s exterior underlayment plywood, which is inexpensive.

The finished counter top.

We purchased this red mini fridge online from Walmart. Perfect for this small space!

Isn’t this cute?! My granddaughter is going to love this!

The counter frame is now in the guest house. We are installing the bottom shelf and the counter top.

Dale and I forgot to think of some kind backing for this counter! So at the last minute we came up with an idea! We used a strip of brown board we had on hand and painted it the same color as the wall, this will prevent food crumbs from falling behind the counter.

Dale did an awesome job making this kitchenette space! Bravo to him!! Brenda my granddaughter will have a space to prepare her meals and have some storage space too!

The cost for this DIY project was $50.00. The mini Frigidaire we ordered online months ago and I believe it cost just under $200.00.

Coming soon! River Crest Guest House Reveal! Stay tune!

Until next time, Elizabeth

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