River Crest Guest House Electrical Plugs, Light Fixture & Fan

Dale and I are all smiles! We are now working on the very last stages to finishing up the guest house!

Electrical Outlets

Dale is installing all the receptacles.

Do you see the high electrical box on the wall?

Dale thought it would be a good idea to install a electrical plug high up on the wall, where we plan to install a flat screen TV. This will hide the electrical cord.

Once Dale finishes the receptacles, I install the cover plates.

Easy breezy work!

Outside Light Fixture

In this next phase Dale is installing the outdoor light fixture.

This light fixture matches the two light fixtures we have on our back porch.

If you look carefully you can see the two outdoor lights on each end of the porch.

Outdoor porch light fixture.

River Crest Guest House

We are very happy with this inexpensive simple light.

We chose to install the light fixture further from the door to prevent insects entering inside the house.

Ceiling Fan

Once we finish installing the ceiling wood beams in the guest house we were able to install the ceiling fan.

We are very happy with the wood beams and this ceiling fan goes perfect here!

The outdoor light fixture we purchased at Loews for $30.00. The ceiling fan we found at Home Depot for under $80.00.

The guest house is coming together nicely! It was fun to finish up some smaller DIY projects!

I have one more post to share, before the guest house reveal.

Until next time, Dale & Elizabeth

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