Guest House Wood Beams

The wood beams add character and warmth to the room.

Wood Beams

Step one, when planning for the beams we had to figure out the placement.

Step two, installing exposed steel brackets to the beams for an industrial look that would also add structural strength, once the wood beams are installed.

We used 2 x 6 yellow pine that Dale cut to match the angle of the roof.

Making steel brackets.

Attaching the metal brackets.

Pre-fitted beams in place.

Once we pre-fitted the beams we removed them to install insulation and the bead board to complete the ceiling.

Picture Below

Installing wood beams.

The wires you see will be for the future ceiling fan.

Installing the steel electrical box for the fan.

Dale created this contraption you see, to help us hold up one end of the center beam. (Our fifth hand.)

Here you can see the contraption in use! It sure did come in handy!

Finishing up the electrical box.

Installing the wood beams took a day of our time. The cost for this project was about $40.00.

Were on the downhill slide!! Dale and I were so HAPPY to finish this project! So stay tune!

Until next time, Dale & Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Guest House Wood Beams

  1. Oh, so, so cute and with a crisp, cottage feel…i would love to live there! Everything you two do, you do with joy and style…love every project. Can hardly wait to the finish and reveal day.
    Thanks for “keeping us up to date and in the know.”


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