Hall of Fame

Hello and welcome to our home! I haven’t posted in a while due to working on an outdoor project. Today I wanted to post about our hallway! Let’s start at the beginning. Last year we painted the hallway walls and installed wood trim around the doors and baseboards. The hall is 43 inches wide, which is very roomy. I thought this would be the perfect area to add family photos! Eventually, I would like to display some of my photography pictures as well.


This is the original look. We removed all the strips along the walls and doorways.

Once we removed the original strips, Dale primed the walls with an oil base primer. Two inch brown board strips have been installed, picture below.

Paint shade is, Valspar Aesthetic White.

Dale is installing wood trim around the doors.

Baseboards are being installed.


The plan is to display family photos without making too many holes in the wall. Dale and I came up with the idea to make a couple shelves!


We uninstalled this shelf, originally made to put a television on. We reused this wood to make trim for our kitchen cabinetry, luckily we had some left over to make the hallway shelves.

Making shelves for the hall.

Installing shelves.

We purchased this new light from Lowes.



Picture Gallery Wall

I added this wall decal above the pictures. (A moment in time, treasured forever) I found this decal online from a company called, Trading Phrases.

The hall looks wonderful! I love the new light fixture and the wall decal adds a special touch to our gallery wall! So happy we were able to use this space to display our family photos!

Have a blessed week! Until next time, Elizabeth

6 thoughts on “Hall of Fame

  1. I love the walls in your home! I live in a 2015 manufactured home and was thinkong of repainting my walls. Did you use water based or oil based paint, and did you have to pre-treat the walks with anything before painting?


    • Hello Jennifer! Yes would be happy to answer your question. To prepare for painting we wiped the walls clean and then we used an oil based primer before we painted the walls. Most mobile home walls have VOG (vinyl-on-gypsum) and ours did. Afterwards we painted the walls with Valspar Signature paint from Lowe’s. I hope this helps! πŸ˜‰


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