Guest House Ceiling

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. We are now in the construction stage of converting a metal storage building into a guest house. I will be posting the steps we made to make this possible. The building ceiling originally had 4 foot centers, so Dale added 2 x 4’s to make it 2 foot centers, which will help us to install insulation and the OSB board. The plan is to have a cathedral ceiling with exposed beams.

Before Picture

Dale is adding 2 x 4’s to the ceiling.

The 2 x 4’s have been installed.

Dale also added some wood brace to each of the 2 x 4’s he installed, you can see at the very top.

Dale choose 2 x 6’s yellow pine lumber for the beams.

Below is a picture of the metal brackets for the beams.

Dale added 2 x 4’s where the wall meets the ceiling to make it possible to nail the OSB. This was a little time consuming.

Below you can see the sides are done. Again, this step is going to help us install the OSB board.

Brenda my granddaughter helped Dale install the insulation.

Once the insulation was added to the first half, we applied the OSB board. The electrical wire you see hanging is for the future light and ceiling fan.

We covered the OSB with bead board. I believe this is going to look wonderful!

Bead board is finally finish!

This DIY project took us three days to finish. We were so happy to be done, it wasn’t easy keeping our arms up! Ha-ha! I tried to show as many pictures so you can get an idea each step we took to complete this project.

Be sure to stay tune!! I will be back for more on our future, River Crest Quest House! πŸ˜‰

Until next time, Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “Guest House Ceiling

  1. Can hardly wait to see finished results, know place with be awesome!
    How large is space? Outside bathroom? Probably could be done, at least an outside shower, a thought. With you two planning and creating will be….”Chic and Cute!”


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