River Crest Guest House

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope everyone is doing good. I know I’m feeling a little off with the Coronavirus situation. Our work schedule has come to a halt! Dale and I are doing everything we can to stay isolated as much as possible. I’ve done some shopping early on and I’ve had to run to to the store a couple of times. That said, Dale and I are not the type of people to sit around and watch news all day. Thankfully we are keeping busy with this project that I’m about to share with you.

My granddaughter was in a dilemma and was looking for a place to stay for a time, we came up with the idea that maybe she could stay here in one of those storage buildings that we could convert into a guest house! This post is about our latest DIY project, River Crest Guest House, now under construction!

The building size is 12 x 16, with one front door and two windows. We plan to add electricity with no plumbing. The plan is to keep this as simple as possible, but make no mistake! We plan to put the Phillips special touch to this guest house!


The first thing Dale did was install steps to the house so that we could began construction. Believe or not Dale has never made stairs before! He found information on how to build stairs on You Tube. Thank goodness we live in an age where you can find all kind of information on social media. He did a wonderful job!


After steps were finished, Dale installed all the electrical boxes.

Future fuse box.

Electrical box for the outdoor light.

This is where the future outside light will go.

Power being connected.

The electrical pipe will come up from the floor.

Brenda standing in front of her soon to be tiny house.

Stay well and stay safe!

Until next time, Elizabeth

3 thoughts on “River Crest Guest House

  1. Can hardly wait to see the completed “Tiny House.” Stay safe and well during this International Crisis. Pray God will protect all of you!


  2. Oh wow! Your guest cottage is so cute. Looking forward to seeing the completed cottage. How special that will be for your granddaughter to enjoy.


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