DIY Closet

Hello everyone! Spring is in the air! I’m ready for Spring are you? Here in Texas the Bluebonnets are blooming! It seems kind of early but maybe because we’ve had a mild Winter. Bluebonnets are the prettiest wild flowers you’ll ever see in my opinion. Ha-ha! This time of year, I like to do a little spring cleaning and I usually start with my closet. I thought this would be a good time to blog about one of our earliest DIY projects! The master bedroom closet!

Below is a picture of our closet how it looked before. Originally the closet had a wire shelf and rod attached to hang clothes. Funky! Also we could not hang any clothes within fifteen inches from the door opening, because it would interfere with the door closing, which was wasted space.

We uninstalled the wire rack and Dale patched the walls. Then we primed and painted the closet white.

Dale installing shelves towards the front of the closet, no longer wasted space.

Wood shelf installed.

First coat of paint.

Second coat of paint

Dale using the original wire rack for the back wall. Dale installed, upper and lower rods to hang clothes.

Closet completed!

This has been the best DIY project we’ve ever done! We now have more storage space and the upper, lower clothes rods gives us more hanging options.

We worked on this project back in February 2017. The cost, $100.00, which includes the wood, electrical conduit, primer and paint.

I want to keep it real here! This is what our closet looks like as of today. This little closet can hold quite a few clothes and has plenty of shelves for storage. What I like about having a smaller closet, it prevents us from accumulating too many clothes. πŸ˜‰

Texas Bluebonnets

I hope this encourages you that you indeed can update a mobile home closet! Remember to make your home your own!

Until next time, Elizabeth

6 thoughts on “DIY Closet

  1. Wow!! This has totally inspired me to update our walk in closet. Your closet design looks like a perfect fit for our storage needs. Thank you so much for sharing your home improvement projects and your wonderful decorating style. πŸ™‚


  2. Love your closet and use of space, could you possibly share the dimensions of the space? I have an awkward reach in closet,trying to figure out how to use the space.


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