DIY Outdoor Cooking Counter Area

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! February has been a busy month for us! We’ve been working on some small projects and were about to embark on a major outdoor project! Yes, but first! Let me tell you about Dale’s DIY project he just finished! Over the Winter we took down my outdoor garden fence which was held up with T-post. Dale was wondering how he could use the T-post, so were not having to storage them somewhere. He decided to use the T-post to make his outdoor counter cook area. I know that sounds strange but I was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out!

The sawhorse table you see was originally Dale’s outdoor cooking counter table. Ha-ha! Not really the ideal thing! It’s now his work table. Dale also used recycle tin and fence board we had on hand for his new outdoor cooking counter space.

Dale used 5/8th underlayment plywood for the counter top and fence board for the trim.

Dale plans to leave this side of the counter open.

Dale stained the wood trim and wood counter top with a dark walnut stain.

Outdoor cooking area finished!

It makes a big difference having a nice area to cook outside with plenty of counter space when we have an outdoor gathering. When not using the cooker we storage it under the open space underneath the counter.

When Dale grills he uses the lower left counter space to cook. He made this space to fit our small grill.

We purchased 5/8th plywood to finish this project, which cost $50.00. Dale has always wanted to make some kind of cooking area inexpensively and I think he achieved that by using recycle materials. I am totally loving the rustic cooking area Dale created!

What’s Happening at the Phillips Place?

We recently purchased two metal buildings, one is a 12 X 16 and the other is 6 X 10 building. I can’t wait to tell you what we have plan! Be sure to check back for updates! Meanwhile, I’ve been working on putting together my Gallery Picture Wall in the hall and planned to post in March.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Until next time, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “DIY Outdoor Cooking Counter Area

  1. I love the metal and wood outdoor kitchen counter & grill space! The fact that you recycled material from other projects is so creative. Looking forward to see what else you are doing in your upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing.


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