DIY Pantry Project

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here in Texas we are having our typical winter weather, sometimes it feels like spring and some days it’s the usual cold day. We literally have to check the weather daily to see if we’re wearing T-shirts or sweaters! Ha-ha! Today it’s a nice cool day and sunny. Guess what were doing? Staining our porch! I’m excited we get to check that off our list! But for now, I wanted to talk about one of our DIY home projects we did back in April 2017. In 2016 we purchased a new mobile home, Clayton Homes, “The Anniversary.” Dale and I loved the layout of the home and even though it was a new home we knew we would make some changes to better suit us like the PANTRY! The Anniversary came with a separate pantry, a big plus for us! The problem with the pantry is that it only came with three wire shelves, which is not enough of course. Simple solution. Add more shelves! Just like any other home you can customize your mobile home to suit you!

If you want to remodel your home and don’t know where to start. Make a list of some of your DIY projects you would like to do in your home. Start with a small project if you feel a big project is too much for you. Maybe there is an area in your home that isn’t working for you. For us we knew right away we needed to make our pantry more user friendly and we did just that!

Pantry Before

As you can see the pantry had three wire shelves, not enough to store all of our can or dry goods.

Dale removed the three wire shelves.

Looking for studs on the wall. Dale plans to install five wood shelves.

To save kitchen counter space we placed our coffee maker and microwave on the second shelf which is eye level.

Special Note: We were able to add an electrical outlet to our pantry due to easy access to an outlet next to the pantry. A certified electrician can do the job for you.

Pantry After

Dale replaced the three wire shelves with five 16 x 31 3/4 plywood shelves. He painted the shelves white.

Dale also added a wire spice rack to the inside pantry door and below another rack to hold our foil and plastic wrap rolls.

This DIY project was a revisit post from April 2017. This was one of our earlier home interior projects. The pantry space is so important in keeping our dry goods organized and having the extra shelves for storage. Happy to say the pantry is still functioning to this day!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have a blessed week!

Remember to make your home your own, till next time, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “DIY Pantry Project

  1. Such a great idea putting the microwave and coffee pot in the pantry. I think I will try that too. You mentioned buying a new mobile home. What was the process of replacing your old home with the new one? I’m thinking of replacing mine with a newer model and wondering if it’s expensive to do with purchasing the home and moving it to my location, hooks etc. Was it all included in the price of the house or separate.


    • Hello Melirey, Your question about our old home, we gave our home to someone who was willing to haul it off and fix it. We found someone who was willing to to do that, but there was a fee for that. The fee might depend on how far the mobile home is being moved to. The question about our new home, when we purchased our new Clayton Home the price to haul and set it up was included. We even added a back porch and front porch for an additional fee. You can call your nearest mobile home dealer and they might know someone who might be willing to move your home. I hope this information helps you. πŸ˜‰


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