January Decor & Plans for 2020

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Dale and I had two weeks off from work during the holidays and we enjoyed spending some time with friends and family and getting some much needed down time. The end of the year also gives us some time to retreat and think about our plans for the future. Last year our plan was to keep our projects to a minimal to prevent us from getting burnt out! If you’ve been following us, you know we have been renovating for years starting with our single wide 1987 Bonnell which flooded 2016. We purchased a new single wide mobile home, Clayton Homes the (Anniversary) in the fall of 2016. But of course! We could of just left it at that! Oh no! Dale and I wanted to put our stamp on it by transforming our home to suit us! This year I would like to share some of the remarks we get from friends and family and one of the biggest question we’ve gotten since remodeling our home! “Where is your living room?”

You ready to hear what our 2020 goals are?! Okay the plan is to paint and do a little remodeling to the master and small bathrooms. We plan to install lattice to the back porch and stain the wood, which will give it a complete look. Some smaller projects is to make a sitting area in the dining room, and another is to add photos to our hall to make a gallery wall. Now if only I can get Dale on board and get him off his FJR1300! Ha-ha! Dale finally got his motorcycle last spring and all he wants to do is ride, ride, ride! Ha-ha! I have to admit, I love riding with him too! I will share pictures of some of our outings on the bike for 2020 and a monthly decor photo or photos, starting with today’s post. Having some kind of plan always helps us to stay focus and hopefully we will accomplish what we have set out to do for this year! Do you have any DIY plans for 2020! I would love to hear from you!


Home Decor

For my January decor I added some natural elements like the pine cones, dried flowers, green apples and wasp nest to my coffee hutch. I added a little white paint to the nest so its more noticeable. I also kept some of the faux greenery from my Christmas decor. The pink desert bowls handed down to us from Dale’s grandmother. I found the china coffee cups at an antique shop.

Coffee Bar Hutch

The table center piece I made for my Christmas decor, but since it’s still winter it’s perfectly fine to leave til the end of January.

One of my favorite projects last year was installing a ship-lap wall in our dining room. SEE HERE. For this area I kept my winter runner on the buffet and some of the greenery from my Christmas decor. I always like adding natural elements like the pine cones.

Again I would like to wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Till next time, Elizabeth

8 thoughts on “January Decor & Plans for 2020

  1. Again, you two have surprised me with your love of “Biking!” Seems like a lot of fun…keep up the traveling with the wind!
    Love your photos, Elizabeth, as they are “House Beautiful” quality. I’m always impressed with your color and composition….impressed!
    May 2020 find you slowing down in your home and on the road.


  2. I love your coffee hutch is absolutely beautiful. This year I plan on doing some projects around my house too. I have so many things that I want and need to do and don’t know where to begin. I always love seeing your postings, your home is very beautiful. Happy New Year!


  3. Thank you, Elizabeth! I’m a fan of your blog and it’s very encouraging. I’m thinking of buying a mobile home, and although I don’t have a “Dale,” your ideas are inspiring and also encourage me to see the beauty in mobile living! Thank you for sharing. (PS I think your “living room” is the movie theater room … but will be interested to see your new sitting area in the dining room. All the best, Nancy


  4. I love that you create beauty in your decorating, but often use inexpensive items from Walmart. I look forward to each new post. Thank you!


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