Kitchen Reveal

Hello and welcome to my blog! Well! We’ve met our DIY goals for this year! 2019! Yay! Our last project for the year was to finish the kitchen and we did it, in the nick of time! Ha-ha! Today I am finally sharing our kitchen reveal!

The kitchen looks great! It’s amazing what you can do to upgrade your home. Painting can make a big difference if you have a small budget. I hope some of our past projects will encourage you! (Doing It Yourself) definitely saves money! Enjoy the reveal!

Kitchen Plan: 1. Install a back splash. 2. Trim the kitchen window with wood trim. 3. Paint. 4. Install new cabinet knobs.

Kitchen Before

Clayton Homes the Anniversary came with black appliances. We re-installed our own white appliances.

Taking off the strips underneath the cabinets and back splash area.

Unscrewing the L brackets above the window.

All the strips and trim have been removed.

We choose bead board for the back splash, which is fairly inexpensive.

To make the bead board waterproof Dale primed the back and bottom part of the bead board with oil based paint.

For the window seal Dale used 3/4 plywood, cut to my liking.

Dale left a gap between the bead board and the counter top to make room to fill the crack with silicone.

Silicone has been applied and now Dale is applying caulk.

For the finish look Dale installs plastic cove.

Our home originally came with all black appliances. We replaced the stove, vent hood and dishwasher with white appliances. Our plan was to purchase a white refrigerator later, but we decided not to spend the money and instead Dale painted the refrigerator. Did you know that you can paint your refrigerator? It turned out great!

First coat of paint. Rust-Oleum oil base paint.

Dale spray painted the door handles using the Rust-Oleum white spray paint.

Painting the cove trim.

Here is after!

We replaced the door knobs with a brown bronze knobs. They look wonderful! We are both happy with the way the kitchen turned out!

Most mobile homes usually have thin strips around the windows and doors. It makes such a big difference when wood trim is installed. Gives it a more custom look.

The kitchen is the heart of the home as you can see. Here is a picture of the kids preparing a meal in our kitchen. We’ve had many gatherings here. Looking forward to many more.

Updating the kitchen took a lot longer then expected. Our weekends have been full and it wasn’t hard to remodel the kitchen it was just finding a free weekend to do the projects.

Remodeling the kitchen was fairly inexpensive. The cost was about $65.00. We already had the paint and wood for the trim. Materials purchased, bead board, caulk and paint for the refrigerator.

Thank you so much for leaving comments! I am so glad that we have inspired some of you with our DIY projects. If you want to keep more in touch with me, be sure to follow me on Instagram @brownblueyed.

Take care, till next time, Elizabeth

18 thoughts on “Kitchen Reveal

  1. Wow. What a difference! Your kitchen looks bigger and brighter with the white. I bought my used mobile home last year and have been wanting to make changes ever since. This gives me inspiration to get something done. Now to decide on a color scheme, as I’ve gone with black appliances for the first time in my life. LOL Thanks for sharing!


    • You are so welcome! For us we started with small projects for example our first interior project was remodeling our master bedroom closet. Starting with a small DIY project inspired us to continue working room to room. πŸ™‚


  2. Your kitchen turned out great! Who’d of thought to paint the refrigerator?!
    Looking forward to your next project.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years!πŸ¦ƒπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰


  3. This is exactly what I want to do with my kitchen backsplash! How did you attach the plastic cove and did you glue and/or nail the beadboard in place? It looks wonderful!


  4. I love seeing how you are remaking your home to fit your style. I have been inspired to plan some projects for my 20-year-old manufactured home. It will take a few years, but seeing what you all have done, I know I will get there! Thanks for the inspiration!


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