Hello Fall


Hello and welcome to my blog! Has it cooled down where you live? Not here in Texas, it’s still pretty warm! I am definitely looking forward to some fall like weather. It’s hard for me to decorate for fall when it still feels like summer! Ha-ha! Yesterday, I went through my fall bin and started to decorate the dining room. I’m keeping it pretty simple, determined to spend very little money this year! I also wanted to pop in to give you a little update on the kitchen. We are not quite finished yet! Sorry! We have a couple of projects still to do, before I can show you the reveal. Hopefully if our schedule allows, will show the reveal in a couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures of my fall dining room decor for this year.

The white vase I purchased at Walmart, Better Homes & Gardens. I made this fall arrangement using some dried stem leaves and cotton stems. I also inserted some white pumpkins. The white pumpkin gravy boat I purchased from Avon last year.

The wood stump came from our cotton wood tree we cut down last year. White pumpkin purchased at Walmart.

Below, the green candy pumpkin jar you can find at Walmart for under $5.00. Comes in white or green.

Dale bought this beautiful hutch for me for our anniversary this summer. All the white decor you see I’ve had for years. The grateful & blessed plates are new. I found these at Walmart, Better Homes & Gardens for under $2.00 a piece.

I made the Harvest sign using reclaimed fence board.

To see last years fall decor click link. https://phillipsplacerenovation.com/2018/10/06/dining-room-fall-decor

Thank you for stopping by! Elizabeth

11 comments on “Hello Fall”

  1. I love the pieces in your gallery. Wondering if the painting of the barn with the stream & trees has a story that goes with it? I know some of your pieces do. It is very peaceful looking.
    It is still very hot where I live. Iโ€™m hoping for some cooler weather in a few weeks.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home.


  2. I love the pieces in your gallery. If I may ask, does the painting of the barn with the stream & trees have a story that goes with it? I know some of your pieces do. It is very peaceful looking.
    It is still very hot here where I live. Record breaking temps expected this week. Hope it cools off soon!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home.


    1. Hello Carol! Yes the painting we found at a antique shop in Palacios, Texas. My very first purchased painting. I even researched the artist and she has since passed away. I did get a hold of her daughter to let her know I have one of her mom’s paintings. I learned that the artist was well known for her beautiful quilts. I believe the painting is called “After the Storm.” I absolutely love this painting.


  3. Elizabeth, you and Dale are an AWESOME couple who work well together and love to share the work you’ve done by the beautiful pictures you take….every photo is a “House Beautiful” shoot! I like the way you take “ordinary” and create an “Object of beauty.” Your finished details are what I notice, and I love that about your “teamwork”….you finish everything to perfection!
    I appreciate your Blog and look forward to your emails/pictures.
    An “Elizabeth and Dale Admirer,”


  4. Love your home and dรฉcor. You have great ideas. And it is 96 degrees in Clinton TN today! We haven’t had any rain at all at my house for the month of September!


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