Plank Walls & Ceiling Beams

A big HELLO to everyone! I am here on a Saturday morning drinking my coffee and I’m so excited to tell you all about what we’ve been up to! It’s all about our new faux shiplap wall and our freshly painted ceiling beams!

We purchased our home October 2016 (Clayton Homes, model “The Anniversary”) and we’ve been slowly putting our stamp on it! This model came with all kind of wonderful upgrades! The living room, which is our dining room came with shelves on one side of the wall made for a television unit. My vision, for as long as I can remember, was to install a plank wall between the two shelves. This wall originally was a faux wood wall. I believe some kind of wall paper which is used on all the cabinetry in the house. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to make a change, to break up this pattern. By installing the plank wall the shelves are more defined and the room looks more spacious!

Another nice addition to this model (The Anniversary) is that it had ceiling beams in the living room. Dale and I did not like the color of the beams. So we decided to change it by painting the beams. Our first color choice was Ivory Brown, but we were not happy with the color, it was too light! See! We don’t always get it right the first time! Ha-ha! Second choice was a darker shade, Havana Coffee! We both love it!

DIY Plank Wall

Finding the studs to install the six inch wide planks.

Dale used 5/8th plywood rough mill, it’s the less expensive wood.

This DIY project went quick! I got the chance to use the nail gun! Fun! He nailed one side, I did the other!

Painting the plank wood.

Because the wood is already primed, Dale lightly brushed the paint on using the same shade of paint (Aesthetic White) that’s on the the dining room walls. He applied one coat. I wanted some of the white to show through. I did not want the planks to look perfect. I like the rough look and don’t mind if the nails show.

Next step, installing the trim, back side shelves for the finish look.

The groove at the bottom hides our speaker wires.

Installing bottom trim.

Plank wall finished.

DIY Ceiling Beams

Before Dale did anything to the beams he had to fix a few of the beams that were either warping or pulling away from the ceiling. He simply used a drill to screw the 2 x 4’s flush with the ceiling.

Ceiling beams have been primed.

Painting the first beam.

Painting the chandelier beam.

Ceiling Beams Finished.

We are happy with the darker beams. The beams compliment the floor.

For the table flower arrangements I cut flowers from my garden.

Greenery branch was from our oak tree that needed to be trimmed.

You can now see our vintage chandelier, before it wasn’t very noticeable because it blended in with the back wall.

For this DIY project we spent $45.00. Cost for wood and paint. We already had the primer and wall paint.

Paint is one of the easiest ways you can upgrade your home and fairly inexpensively. We are very happy with our plank wall and our ceiling beams! Our next project! Kitchen back splash! Stay tuned, till next time!

Yours truly, Elizabeth

5 thoughts on “Plank Walls & Ceiling Beams

  1. Love your site Have done a lot of similar projects on my home which is almost the same as yours I was wondering where is your living room? Thank you Beth Richardson


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