Kitchen DIY Cabinet

Hello guys! Welcome to my blog! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Dale and I have been having some good down time this summer. We are now getting back into our regular schedule. Okay! So I have something interesting to share! We added a cabinet to our kitchen cabinetry and I doubt you would ever know, unless I told you so! Ha-ha! How did we do it? Well, we used the master bathroom tub cabinetry to make an extra cabinet for the kitchen.

Making the decision to use the materials from the tub wasn’t hard. I felt the tub was a waste of space, since I’ve only used the tub twice! The plan is to take the big spa tub out, which will make room for my treadmill and make room for a little makeup area next to the vanity. I hope the pictures will tell the story.

I have to admit having a nice spa tub in the bathroom looked nice, but as you can see it takes a lot of space and were not using it. Taking the tub out gave us more usable space.

Master Bath


Master bathroom spa tub.

Bye Bye Tub

Removing the door.

Removing the tub.

Removing the frame.

Dale plans to cap the plumbing and patch the floor with plywood.


Plans to add a cabinet here.

Removing wall trim.

Making the frame for the cabinet.

Making frame for the shelves.

When Dale does projects he does it right! The shelves will be sturdy!

We plan to install bead board for the kitchen back splash. For now Dale will go ahead and install bead board underneath the new cabinet.

Dale also installed bead board to the bottom open shelf.

Small door installed.

Cabinet Done!

Dale did an awesome job! Amazing! The cabinet looks like it’s always been there! Doesn’t it? Final touches to the inside, Dale caulked and painted the same shade as the walls. The bottom bead board looks wonderful, good for displaying what ever I want!

Were almost finish with the kitchen!! We will continue to finish installing the rest of the bead board back splash. So stay tuned!

Guest Bedroom
Zinnias from Queen E’s Garden.

Dale and I are wishing you a Happy Labor Day!

14 thoughts on “Kitchen DIY Cabinet

  1. Looks amazing! And I never would have guessed there would be flooring under the bathtub. You will never know the tub was even there. Wonderful!


  2. Very resourceful! Great workmanshiptoo! No one would ever know the cabinet is reclaimed wood from the bathtub surround. I’m with you on bathtubs. Pretty to look at but not used much in my house either. Always nice to see your posts. Enjoy your holiday!


  3. Beautiful work that you are doing, but, oh, I could never live without my luxurious soaks in the tub! We have a singlewide that is older that we are renovating. My husband is taking out the big “‘garden tub” to put in a large walk in shower for himself, but, I made him put me in a brand new fiberglass tub in my little bathroom. I enjoy your blog so much! We have got many great ideas from you and your husband! My husbands name is Dale also!


    • Hi Kate! Wow! A walk in shower sounds nice! We actually thought about putting one in ourselves, but really needed room for my treadmill, which I do use. Lol! The smaller bathroom does have a tub so if I ever do feel a need to soak in the tub I still have that option, of coarse it’s not the nice big spa tub. 😉 So happy that we can inspire you and your husband in some way! Have a wonderful Labor Day!


  4. I would never give up a tub, but I’m a bubble bath girl. Eases my fibro pain! However, your cabinet looks great and if it makes your home better for you then bravo! (I would probably have to turn the tub space into a closet lol!)


  5. That looks amazing!!! Please post the finish results of the bathroom, can’t wait to see them! I am wanting to downsize to a mobile home. Your such an inspiration!


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