Kitchen Buffet Reveal

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! When Dale and I viewed our home for the first time we loved the 42 inch kitchen cabinetry that this model (Anniversary) had to offer! I am so excited to show you our kitchen buffet area, now finished! The buffet area provides plenty of storage and has counter space for serving food.

Our plan all along has been to lighten up our kitchen by painting the walls a lighter shade. I wanted to add some texture to the buffet wall and at the same time get rid of the strips that you see on most mobile home walls. We decided to install bead board. Wainscoting is a very inexpensive option if your on a budget. With our rustic looking cabinetry plus the bead board, it gives a rustic cottage look!

Below is a picture of the buffet, original walls and top brown trim.

Before Picture

Top brown trim removed.

New top trim installed.

Installing the bead board.

Dale is painting the bead board. The shade of paint is the same as the walls, Valspar Signature prime & paint satin, Aesthetic White.

Another inexpensive change you can make to your kitchen is to upgrade your cabinetry knobs. I found some brown/bronze knobs purchased at Home Depot. The knobs stand out better than the nickel original knobs.

Knobs installed.

I am so happy with the buffet wall! The bead board looks wonderful and no more strips on the walls! Our home feels light and airy! We both are happy that we chose to paint the walls white. I love the contrast between the walls and the cabinets.

When we purchased our home, Clayton Home’s provided all the window blinds for the windows and the patio door had vertical blinds. We didn’t care too much for the vertical blinds. We uninstalled the blinds and I replaced them with painters drop cloth, which I found at Walmart in the paint department. I like the texture and the neutral color and they were very inexpensive. Making the curtains were pretty easy with the help from my mother. She just folded one end and stitch two rows with her sewing machine to fit a curtain rod. Simply that easy!

Read here how Dale removed the wall from this space.

I planted sunflower seeds this spring for the first time. I’ve been patiently waiting for the flowers to open. The first day of August one of my sunflowers finally bloomed. It doesn’t take much to get me excited! Ha-ha! Happy August!

Thanks for stopping by!

9 thoughts on “Kitchen Buffet Reveal

  1. Love the white walls! Crisp & clean. The bead board adds some texture. A friend of mine used drop cloths for curtains in her home. I love them. I agree the vertical blinds are not the best. Your mom did a great job on the curtains. Everything is looking lovely at your home!


  2. I love the changes. The hard work of you and your husband always pays off! Thank you for sharing. Your mom did a great job on the curtains. I think they are a perfect complement to the window. It all looks very nice!


  3. Bead Board is the easiest and less costly way to update any room. I used bead board wallpaper on my kitchen cabinet doors as I cut, pasted, applied and painted the door insets. Couldn’t tell the difference, instead of a table saw to cut beadboard wood, I used a pair of scissors to cut beadboard wallpaper.
    I love the way you compose your picture layout, the color and choice of items is “Photo Shoot Perfect!” You two could do an entire “House Beautiful” centerfold of your Manufactured Home!
    I’m always impressed, always!


  4. Elizabeth, what fabulous changes. The bead board looks wonderful with a fresh look and the white paint is a lovely contrast to your cabinets. I love the painter’s cloth window treatments. I often use drop cloths for table coverings. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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